Complete beginner: Chun Li vs Zangief


I picked SSFIV a couple of weeks ago and I just had some time to get started. I am new to the genre, so I read most stickies regarding game info and watched a couple of videos.

I decided to start with Chun Li, which is probably not the best idea, and practiced mid-range poking and BnB combos in training mode along with some AA against both the AI and recorded sequences.

Playing against the AI, I realized that at a given difficulty, Zangief (and most bigger characters) will completely destroy me, moreso than other characters. As hard as I try to keep him away and try to gain ground on him without getting grabbed, I always end up stuck in the corner and cannot manage to escape by doing and overhead without getting punished… hard. If I get knocked down, I’m unable to block his instant grabs as soon as I get up and half of my life is already gone. Should I be able to avoid get grabbed upon wakeup?

How should I approach this matchup? When I watch Chun vs Zangief videos, I see that both players are both careful when moving in, especially Zangief. This probably means I should be able to punish the more careless AI somehow. I tried searching the forums but couldn’t find any info, I guess most people here know how to play already. Any help is appreciated.


Playing against the AI is different than playing against a real person. The computer will punish a jab before it comes out with an Ultra combo. Something that no human will ever be able to do.

If you’re being grabbed on wake up, just neutral jump.


AIs pretty dumb. Most characters can just spam j.rh, cr. rh. If you do an Ultra, 90% of the time, the AI will walk into it. For “ground game” you can probably just st. rh Zangief. I don’t know what works on computer AI, but don’t try to get too much out of fighting the computer. The computer usually encourages using a flow chart to beat it, which is why people complain about Kens who do the same things online- it’s because those same strategies (random DPs, wake-up Ultra) work on the computer and the computer does all that garbage too.


this is a good resource form which you can take a few notes [media=youtube]RGYJ-zsKf_o[/media]


Play online. Online people suck, but you are playing a actual person at least which is better than training with the AI which completely different.

Chun Li beats Zangief pretty easy. Stand rh, mp, fierce, and sweep all ruin his day. Close jump back rh works nicely on him too against online scrubs.


in order to beat the cpu, just do focus attacks. they walk into them all the time

but dont think for a second that you are getting better at the game by playing the cpu, unless youre just trying to learn how to do special moves or something


From your post, you seem to think you can block throws; just in case this is what you think, you’re wrong. Throws cannot be blocked. You have to jump out of them. Regular throws can be teched if you throw back at the same time, command grabs cannot. You have to jump or hit him out of his move with something invincible.

Backdashes are considered airborne, so backdash on wakeup avoids command grabs like his piledriver. If you’re feeling gutsy you can do EX Spinning Bird Kick as well to hit him out of his throws.


yes. abuse Chun Li’s awesome backdash and Jump Back Heavy Kick (Instant overhead) to punish throws attempts.

I guess, just zone really well.


Are you asking for advice against the AI or only using it as an example of the problems you face?

With Chun you can beat AI Zangief and AI Abel using only neutral jump roundhouse (at least in SF4 you could). Human opponents are a whole different thing.


Easy win over cpu Zangief with Chun. Jump at him, he will lariat in response to the jump, you use your jumping fierce punch (the one that hits twice) which beats lariat clean and go into any combo you want.
You can force a banishing flat if you walk backwards just outside its range and stop, walk backwards and stop again, he will eventually do it, punish with pokes, tenshokyaku, ultra or super.
If you intend on maining Chun though dont jump against real people she gets owned it only works on cpu characters AI.