Complete Global Saturation.The Albert Wesker Thread

He seems to rely heavily on his teleports

Sorry someone beat you


Damn it i took to long thinking of a thread name

Actually this thread was made at 9:42 am of my time and was made first but I guess people decided to use the one with the most catchy title which was made at 12:39 am of my time, 2 hours apart :rofl: :sweat: :rofl: :sweat:

Dude, you’re half a day late…
At the very least you used what should’ve been the real thread title.

Edit: nevermind. Old thread changed it to this, lol.

Previous thread was made around 4:30 pm Japan time a slight bit after the presentation was over and Gamespot posted the videos.

12AM means it came out almost 9 hours earlier.

so i was to late ?

this thread title looks better