Complete "How to Change the Music in MVC2 + How to make your game selfboot

Here is my tutorial on how to change the music and make your custom mvc2 selfboot. It goes through everything and has pictures and all the downloads. Hope this helps anyone who wants to have their own custom mvc2.
-edit- I forgot to put in my tutorial that you can use CDRwin to create the image file too.

u don’t know how many of my cdrs u have just saved:D :smiley: :smiley:
Thanks Bro!

holy crap on a stick! i had no idea this was possible! i think i might try it tonight with some Aphex Twin, Don Caballero, Hella, F***ing Champs, and Trans Am

a quick question: if i make all 3 abyss matches the same song, will it start it over for each Abyss part or will it be one continuous song?

I think they are all slightly different songs so it yould start the song over.

yeah i thought about it, and since they are all different files it would start over. the only way around it would be to change the code to only load the first song, and not change it between fights.

Music on XBox Version

Does any one know how to change the music on the XBox version of MVC2?

I just got my Dreamcast MVC2 CD done using the tutorial and it works great except the music doesn’t start over. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal considering the short matches except for the song doesn’t repeat itself in training mode. please help thanks.

Link is dead is this hosted anywhere else ?

ssmatt, there is a way to get the songs to loop. it involves an extra step when you convert the audio from WAV to ADX. I can’t recall off the top of my head though.

if you want them to repeat you need to check the number of bytes that appear when you are converting. (ie. 9456043… a nice long number like that )
You should take note of that number and write it down.

Now repeat the wav to adx step but this time add: -lps0 -lpe_______ (Replace the line with the number you got)

Full example: C:\adxencd>adxencd ADX.S040.wav -lps0 -lpe9456043

Do the same with the other songs and enjoy those loop de loops !

As always, have a nice day !

Since people are having trouble with getting to my site, i can get to it all the time, should I make a PDF of it so that you could download it and always have it?

Yes thats a great idea man I need to get rid of the damn bad music stat.

Please email a copy to

Many thanks

does it work for the ps2 version

maybe, but not this method. someone i kno managed to change the music on xbox version, so im pretty sure someone can figure out a way to change it on the ps2 version

When running the selfboot program and trying to convert the .bin file, I am receiving a message where it says it can not find the ip.bin file. I try to relocate it to 1st_read.bin as it suggests but that does nothing. Any suggestions or re-direct me on a step I must have botched?

Could you please send me the tutorial to:



i need some help with burning TDC_final onto a cd. if ANYBODY can help me, that’d be great. PM me or IM me ( aznsnapshot ). either way, we desperately need some assistance over here. thanks.

bin2boot has always been a slippery program. works for some, not for all. I’ve used it on 3 pc’s with no luck.

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Help




That will be great for me thanks

To any who might still have a working website that I may download a working moded MvC2. Please help. I have been dying to get my a working web site.

Yeah this won’t work, all the bookmarks I had for tut sites are dead, anyone wanna make a downloadable one?