Complete hugo strategy/tips thread!



hey! since the game’s been out for such a long time there’s no need to hide the way u play hugo, your bait-outs, combos, juggles, etc!! (maybe this will be a good way to keep this board alive) :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll start out by posting the way i play, and some setups, tricks for landing 720

i clap a lot… when full screen away, i would do standing short, then quickly jab clap to charge meter and maybe try to catch them dashing in and hit them with the clap, or maybe clap a fireball or something… when jumping in, i do a lot of air hit, low short->jab clap, whether blocked or hit, this is not the best thing to do since the clap can be easily parried if the previous hits are blocked :stuck_out_tongue:

i also kara throw a lot, since we throw a lot here so it’s necessary to think throw first so u can tech their throw… i go for neutral throw most of the time, since it throws your oppenent up for juggling and does a bit more stun

ok here are some setups that i do:

after knocking down my opponent, if they don’t roll/are close to me, i always try for a 360/720, depending on the situation:

  • wait and 360 after they get up->crouch blocking
  • whiff standing short->360
  • standing 720 :smiley:
  • early whiffed throw or early short lariat that stops me in front of them, and when they realize an opening and do low kick or something or just sit there blocking, i buffer in 720 when i recover from the move

jumping in with body press, if i hit close enough, i usually go for a few things:

  • low mp (combos), then 360 (right when u recover from mp, moving forward 360)
  • standing back fierce
  • low short/jab->short meat squasher

if body press is blocked:

  • land, 360 or 720
  • low jab->whiff kara throw, buffer in 720

if i land a (short) wall throw mid screen, i always dash forward then do MK back breaker, this pushes them closer to the corner than just doing a back breaker right away

if i land it in the corner:

  • clap->back breaker
  • fierce clap->forward fierce if i’m feeling good that day

if i land a neutral throw in the corner:

  • low jab(reset)->jab clap (misses, but looks like it will hit when they land), then quickly 360 when i recover from clap
  • low jab(reset)->firece clap (for certain characters/timing, forces them to block/parry when they land), then cancel->720 if i think they’ll parry, or do fierce->mp->jab clap if i think i might hit them crouching
  • standing jab(reset), short meat squasher
  • standing jab(reset), dash in neutral kara throw repeat till dizzy :stuck_out_tongue:
  • on certain characters (chun li, makoto, and a few others), ex lariat for more damage and go for the kill

dizzy juggle:

corner neutral throw (dizzys), standing jab, standing mp, standing jab, standing mp, standing jab, crouching jab->mk back breaker/lariat

lets keep this thread going!


Heheh, that’s already most of Hugo’s stuff to the best of my limited knowledge :slight_smile: but then he does lack in combo’s and other elements due to his slow speed. Yet Hugo is still a fun character to use.

I like to go for the offence when I can with Hugo, this means cornertrapping. When I corner trap I like to set up the enemy ready for an ultra throw/neutral grab, since this is one of the main situations where I can do a combo in which I have the upper hand - they’re on the floor. So mix up with standing or ducking MP or repeated LP and the odd sweep and get ready to anticipate the opponent jumping out of the corner and retaliate with an early jumping weak attack, upon landing>ultra throw.

I use back breaker now and again, more regular than lariot or meatsquasher. The problem with the back breaker tho is that in order for it to be effective you need to anticipate a jump, this can be dangerous since the opponent might not jump :p.

D+FK is useful especially if I’m playing footsie :stuck_out_tongue:

I like to use a lot of neutral grabs, but problem is there are times where I sould be doing 360’s :confused: But main reason for the neatral grabs is simple, it does similar stun to the 360, still builds SA bar, but since he throws the opponent away you are left with free taunt :smiley: Follow up with a short or forward laroit to take out opponents who try to attack while you are finishing your taunt. I’ll have to thank supapuffy for that one cos he suggested to me to use it to quickly reach downed, far opponents, but I thought why not use it on an opponent who wants to quickly approch me when I’m taunting :smiley: It worked too :slight_smile:

For 360’s and 720’s I tend to go for grabs when they stand from a downed attack, but this is very risky cos they could grab you first, or just do some higher priority move. I’ve been grabbed out of a lot of tachi gigas’ this way :stuck_out_tongue: Another thing that i like to do is 360/720 after a UOH, very handy. There’s the Ultra throw into reset of any type, dash and grab. Then of course there is the clap dash. These set-ups can all be easily avoided tho so always be aware.

There are still other things that I’d like to practice, and of course if anyone has other strats to share I’d love to know more. All this typing hurts my head so I’ll leave it here :slight_smile: Below are two vids which include some of the strats I use that I have already covered. They’re not anything fantastic tho but enjoy.

[12 Vs Hugo#3]( VS Hugo(Ssongro) c.wmv)

[Q Vs Hugo]( Vs Hugo(Ssongro).wmv)


I may get a chance to post more in the future, but for now, I just want to point out that you do not need to anticipate jumps and guess with back breaker. Short back breaker comes out very quickly (almost as fast as a jab) and can easily be used to grab jumpers on reaction if your reflexes are good enough. It helps if you’re expecting a jump beforehand, but it’s still not all that hard. Getting used to doing short back breaker in reaction to jumps also helps if you use (or want to use) Megaton as your super.


yeah short back breaker can be done after u see them jump in, works well against dudley since he tends to do regular jumps and hit late with roundhouse to combo, so u have lots of time to do the (short) back breaker

i rarely use d+roundhouse, when is this move blocked high, and when is it blocked low? this move can be pretty useful since most people, including me, don’t know if its blocked high or blocked low hehe


D-roundhouse is an awesome move just becuase it fucks people up.

As for hitting high or overheading…It depends on the distance between Hugo and the opponent. If the opponent is near Hugo (like a little farther than throw distance) when he does it then the opponent can block low or high, if they are farther away then it will overhead if they block low.


I am not much of a hugo user but just out of interest, how on earth is the standing 720 done? and also that Kara 720 shit?

one good thing, command grab (opponent bounce off wall)–> clap then air grab. tee hee.:smiley:


I think he meant crouching forward.


No, i was talking about Down and FierceKick, or Roundhouse, or Heavy, call it what you guys like :slight_smile: Basically a couple of low weaks then D+FK Crap!! My bad guys, sos for the confusion :o

Legend for this game, what is the standard?

weak, medium, fierce punch

short, forward, roundhouse kick






I think he is talking about the ass!
d + hk = hugo stuffing his ass in the opponent’s face!:smiley:


Guys, whats the best use of SA3 with Hugo?

I’ve only just started to use this SA cos in the past I was concentrating on megaton and gigas too much. I used to think this SA was greatly inferior but I’m having funwith it at the mo.

So, I tend to connect hammer frenzy after clap, baiting a poke from the opponent, as a wake-up and anti-air.
I’m sure it will connect from a low WP/WK but have yet to put this into a match.
Also is there anything I can do with SA3 if the opponent is blocking, i.e holding punch to psych the opponent and hope for a grab at the end?


what i do sometimes is just jump in and do it :slight_smile:
it works


I use SA3 a lot too. It’s a nice super because it has a lot of uses and its easy to do unlike SAI.

For me i do it after a UOH (blocked or not) to bait out attack. I also use as anti-air since it has the property of Q’s SAI where even though it looks like it shouldn’t hit, the attacker warps to the ground and takes all the hits. It’s also a good super to do after his dash…Dash SA3 is pretty damn good with Hugo. Of course u can combo it off a c. short (what i like). Jumping in and doing it is good bait out too like Herny said…but its a little too ghetto for me (even though i am pretty ghetto myself sometimes). Also, I have seen short Clothes line when the guys waking up, then Gigas…so i assume a similar baitout tactic could be use with SA3. Basically, baitout is the basic strategy to landing SA3 since it has invincibility frames on startup. Experiment…finding baitouts is pretty simple. Just focus on moves frame advantages, human tendencies (wanting to attack after getting hit with UOH for example).


The 3 claps - sa3 is good.
Of course if you land cr 2 jabs do it
It can be used as a Anti air against some things.
Its quite a good blow through I guess vs attack happy people.

I don’t play hugo much but hey its stuff i know hehe.


Personally, I think if your reaction speed is good, Megaton can be your best friend. When I play Hugo, I mostly just poke about with standing mp and low mk to get the opponent into the air. Hugo’s such a big ass meat wall it offends the opponent that they can’t get close to you without getting slapped in the face, so eventually they will jump. At which point you reaction-megaton their ass into the ground. Haha, by that point the match is half over.

Megaton has enough invincibility to pop through most things as long as you’re paying attention, and unscaled damage on it is all woohoo and stuff. Hell, Short Megaton is better than an srk for me.

N - Hugo is best man!