Complete list of 100% Stun

I need the list of characters the 100% stun combo works on.

Yang (?)
Ibuki (?)

who else?

Of the top of my head the 100% stun combo from my experience works on the following characters:

  1. Ken
  2. Ryu
  3. Gouki
  4. Yun
  5. Yang
  6. Remy
  7. Urien
  8. Sean
  9. 12
  10. Makoto
  11. Necro
  12. Elena (Dont need Kara)

You can also double DP these characters but their stunbars are to long for 100%:

Q (Dont need Kara)
Hugo (Dont need Kara)
Alex (Dont need Kara)
Dudley (Need Kara)

Against Chun-Li no form of fukiage x 2 will connect after SA2. (Non EX) As for Ibuki and Oro, I have never been able to land a 100% on them however I have also not really attempted it that often as I use SA1 against them. In the past the 1st kara DP is fine, but the timing of the dash back and 2nd DP just never seems to connect and I tend to think it is not my execution as I have no issues these days doing it on the rest of the cast consistently… however I may be wrong. Anyway, I think I will go into training mode sometime this week and check it out.

Arlieth did it on an Oro in some casuals vid(I think evo casuals).

Elena (Don’t need kara)
Q (Dont need Kara)
Hugo (Dont need Kara)
Alex (Dont need Kara)
Dudley (Need Kara)

Does that mean you do. SA2 - dash - mp.fukiage - dash - jag.fukiage?

Don’t know about alex, but against hugo what you said works. Against elena and q you just lk kara jab fukiage as soon as you recover from the first one.

Yeah, the timing on Alex is stricter than that of Hugo… but they both dont require you to kara the first DP. The dash then 2nd DP after the first DP just has to be really quick compared to Hugo. Like you said, Q and Elena you just use a different kara (should have mentioned that above) than with the others. As for Oro and Ibuki I haven’t tested it yet but it wouldn’t suprise me if it can be done on them… I guess the timing must just be even stricter than that of the twins. I will test it tommorrow and see for myself.

Personally, I much prefer to use LP/jab fukiage to kara with instead of MP. I suck hard with MP kara but with LP I am fine.

Its hard to do kara jp fukiage with the American button layout…:sad:

It also has less damage potential because it can on some occasions prevent your 100% due to them being outside of karakusa range but still inside st fp range (most likely to occur post long range poke parry).

As for Oro and Ibuki ive never seen it or done it on them either.

As for Chun i do recall reading from legitimate sources that their was way to do it, i tried everything I could think of but none of them worked. :wasted: I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a double fukiage follow-up on her, ibuki and/or oro, but it might not be practical.

chun is possible i remember hearin c-royd gettin that shit off
god damn he is my hero


Yeah, I can’t seem to pull it off on Chun, Ibuki and Oro, either.

For Ibuki and Oro, their hitboxes doesn’t seem to be big enough for the second fukiage to hit.
If there’s a way to do it on them, the conventional way (kara-fukiage, dash, fukiage) is not it.

Same thing with Chun, but I read that you can do it on her using 2 jab fukiages, and I’ve tried a myriad of ways of doing this but this bitch is stubborn and doesn’t want to be fisted.

I figured out chun’s 100% (should work on ibuki among others also) but its more suited for a combo video than an actual match…:sad:


Hey, can you tell us how you did them?

I kinda gave up sometime ago but I want to see it done with my own eyes.

Ok from my testing on the ps2 version

the only character she can’t stun with one combo is oro…

jumping fp standing fp xxabare dash st/fp fukiage sj fp stuns all characters with reg stun bars or shorter (i orignally thought of another stun combo originally for chun but its much harder)

Also throwing in a jfp st fp before the double fukiage ender on hugo, q, alex etc does 100% stun

I know this probably isn’t what you were looking for but as far as i can tell chun oro and ibuki can’t be double fukiaged:sad:



Jumping hk should also stun them, no?
I know j. hp does more stun, but j. hk is easier to land.

Hmmm, I wonder then if C-Royd or Arlieth are telling the truth or just fucking with our minds, eh?

Haven’t personally tried the j.FP, but on Shotos j.Rh will stun them, but the dash->dp->sj.FP needs to be done quickly.

For Ibuki, just do early MK Tsurugi, MP/HP Fukiage, j.HP. It’s 99% stun and you get a free mixup game.

As for the legendary Chun 100%, I only heard from C-Royd that he pulled it off once. But he was never able to do it again while recording it. I gave up on using SA2 vs Chun anyways, it’s just SA1 vs Chun for me. Especially after MOV beat me 14 times in a row in Japan. :lol:

maybe i lied to you.

there’s a free 100% stun combo as sa2 punish

edit cuz i’m stubborn as fuck i’ll find out the 100% from karakusa, excelsior bitches

Any tips on the fukiage after tsurugi part? Tried it a couple of times few days ago and all I got was either hayate or oroshi. :frowning:

just do the command the opposite direction, pc

Ibuki’s 100% and Oro double fukiage

rh~jp fukiage dash back cr. rh~jab fukiage (so kara both first off standing rh second off cr round house)

I’d imagine strong to jab would also work

I’d upload a vid but my card reader is not working

also seems to be somewhat spacing specific