Complete list of damage combo's off SAII

my favorite is:

while oppenent is in corner (stunned is the easiest way)
SAII >lk tsurugi >mp hayate >ex oroshi

we all know the hayate 2x but are there more combo’s whether more effective or flashy or just fun.

i usually use: sa2 - forward tsurugi - strong hayate - fierce hayate cancel
or if it’s shoto…
sa2 - forward tsurugi - fierce hayate - c.roundhouse

does the c.roundhouse work mid screen or coner only?

corner only

I Use:

Abare Tosanami -> [Jump]-Delayed Medium Kick Tsurugi -> [Land] Dash (Under Aired Opponent) Low Punch -> Dash (Under Aired Opponent) Crouching Low Kick To Low Punch Hayate -> KaraKarasuka :wgrin:

From there, possibilites are endless…you figure if I do this while their mid screen, after the combo string is finished, I’m still relatively close to My initial Wall, hence leading into the Hard Punch out of the KaraKarasuka into yet another Abare Tosanami :lovin:

Man, how ironic…when I first started playing this game, I hated the little girl whom’ I thought was a boy who dressed like Ryu, Ken and Akuma but played nothing like them. I didn’t want to come to a point where I’d have a favorite or best character in the game, but without a shadow of any doubt…she is indeed my favorite/best character in the game. :razzy: