Complete list of SSF4 Arcade changes for zangief


* EX green hand no longer knocks down
* Defensive EX SPD beat out Attackers SPD after an EX Green Hand on hit
* Zangeif jab SPD range seems bigger, but the source says it could be eyes playing tricks
* Range on U2 increased, recovery also increased
* - air hit box appears to be smaller,
* standing lk hit priority is higher,
* x gh still knocks down on counter hit
* lariat & k lariat hit priority are stronger,
* short jump jumps shorter
* link is back to 2 frame

im not sure if this is up or not but i thought id post this for anyone who would like to know. if it is already up in the fourms i am sorry.

as for when people land the ex green hand in stead of a knock down your left at +frame advantage so he has a better mixup :slight_smile:

“There was a gief player there that was constantly hitting the 5 game win streak limit, so I talked with him for a bit while in line and he really likes the fact that ex green hand does not knock down anymore. This was actually at the first location test for SF4 vanilla and it was a nightmare to deal with, and it’s just as bad now. Because gief doesn’t knock you down and he’s still at +frames, you’re going to have to make an educated guess on what to do next and you don’t have much time. I saw this gief player do ex green hand into either lariat, another green hand, spd or low jab chained into ex green hand. It’s a really strong mixup to have and I don’t understand why people see this as a nerf.” a quote from Keits

ALL INFORMATION IS FROM THE SHORYUKEN WEBSITE. this is just so people can read this information

If this is all true, this all sounds great. Most of the EXGhand hits are counters anyways. Better Lariat, shorter jump, smaller hit box? Is this respect Gief is getting? Does normal Ghand give + frames?

Why have they not done anything to RBG yet? It is still one of the most pointless moves if done non EX. Even EX is pretty dumb.

like I said elsewhere, if you can’t ‘combo’ after the EXGH in comboes…then its worse than it was before. It’s less mix-ups as your opponent has more options to beat you then you do him if you can’t really combo afterwards.

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U can still combo in to green hand im sure its just when u use exgreen hand u can go for a spd or lariat or what ever.

as for the regular green hand the only use i find in it is negating fireballs so i dont haft to jump. you guys should really try that mix it up tho negate some fireballs and jump over some.

I think he understood but what does not change is that having to mix up a knocked down opponent rather than a standing is waaaay better.

I guess Capcom grew tired of new Gief’s godly wake up game. I don’t belive it was ever as crazy as it is now.

Cant wait till they update so I can catch even more peeps with U2 :slight_smile:

Sorry noob here. just wanna check out on this 2 new upgrades on gief

  • standing lk hit priority is higher
  • lariat & k lariat hit priority are stronger

what does hit priority is higher and stronger means?

Since SSF4 doesn’t really use a true “priority” system it probably means that the hitting area of these moves have been increased or that the hittable area (the part of Gief’s body that can be hit) during these moves has been decreased. Active frames (the number of frames that a move can do it’s hitting) may have also been increased, but this seems less likely.

It could also mean that the people reporting these changes are imagining things. :slight_smile:

I sorta thought on this as well…hearing ‘priority’ is a misnomer that leaves me with the “Que?” face.

I also don’t believe it. In all honesty there is NO reason/logic to beefing up any aspect of lariat. This list was posted in the other thread and are strictly observation, not a definitive “Patch Notes” list. I believe change, and the EXGH changes have merit, but I don’t trust anything with regard to move properties that isn’t noticable via linking…people have started using more and thus have gotten better with it…same goes for using c.lariat and lariat as more definitive ‘attacks’…without real evidence I simply tae those as player skills.

And Hugo - as Clyde mentioned - I do understand what got changed and didn’t with regards to EXGH. What I’m saying is there is no benefit to the change if you can’t combo afterwards. I’ve said this elsewhere, your opoonent has more options for reversals/escaping shenanigans/etc when standing up, then they do when laying down. There is a higher chance of milking damage on a knockdown than on ‘standing hitstun’. Hell, depending on exactly how the frames play out, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ryu/Chun/Rog/etc mash JAB and beat out everything but an EXSPD after an EXGH combo ender. They can’t play that crap on wake-up.

So unless they give us extra garunteed damage via a combo, they’ve reduced our chance of doing damage when we get in close.

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Are these final changes or last location test changes?

regurgitation of what was posted in the other thread, nothing final.

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Fuck it. Zangief is a sinking ship. I need Hugo/Alex in the game, and I need them now.

one thing I’ve always wanted to see for gief is an Air throw. Some people would argue that it would make him unbalanced, but IMHO a grappler should have an air command throw. I mean com’n fuckin Guile has had an air throw forever and his AntiAir game is already great, while giefs is still subpar.

I wouldn’t say that Gief’s AA game is subpar. I actually think it’s pretty good. Having said that, I do think it would be nice if he had an air grab. But it would have to be carefully balanced so as not to be overpowered.

In this engine there is no real balancing it :rofl: air throws are just ridiculous priority wise. He ‘should’’ thematically have one, but I’m not going to pretend like it wouldn’t be a bit juicy…granted it won’t affect high level play as folks don’t ‘really’ jump at gief anyways…

I actually would like to give Gief more mind-game options…the same way Viper can fein her TK, I’d like to be able to fein RBG or GH…like a non-hitting variant of it that still closes distance but not as muc has a green hand but on the flip gives you more time to ‘react’ to a counter or something. But neither of those wil lever happen, was just thinking on the toilet shrug.

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I would love to see gief have an air grab but he has a headbutt that already does massive stun damage. Who else can do that much stun on 1 hit?

i don’t care what anyone says. not causing knockdown is a huge nerf and sux big time. it’s one of those things that sounds great in theory but will end up being horrible in reality.

remember before super came out and there was that vid showing how much priority u2 had. people were so excited saying that u2 would be the shit. look how that turned out.

real talk man, and no homo… i love reading your and crapfaces posts they are realistic and unbiased. They provide concrete info and reason why things suck or don’t suck . Damn… but they don’t post must much because of the multitude of scrubs on this forum… sorry for trolling off topic.

Any, simple as this… ken ex tatsumaki… your telling me, i link you up and it’s a 50/50 on my part also, after getting in on you… that’s fucking ass. How does that make since, especially for zangief.He sometimes takes 50% dmg just getting in, and if someone is holding upback or up and they get hit by to ex hand, via combo cr.lp, your telling me that a 50/50 mix up from me punishing someone from jumping is a fucking gift or good ? i’m sorry man, but this has got to be the most retarded shit, i ever read in my life.

I mean, just imagine, ex. hand doesn’t even give an untechable knock down, so in theory it’s still 50/50 But giving the opponent the ability to stand up, after ex. hand is just fucking stupid. I wonder, what exactly do they man by knock down on counter hit. Ok, like let’s say, you get a ch crlk then ex hand, will you get the knock down or must it be pure ex hand punish like a fireball punish? we need to see some specific to see, if this even makes sense. I mean, if they give ex hand crazy stun properties, and like plus advantage like +2 , i think it would be must better, if in combos with counterhit it knock down

I mean, if you think about it, if it doesn’t knock down, and then you do cr.lkx2 ex hand and ex hand doesn’t knock down, then for them mashing or something you get a counterhit, it should be like +4 on ch then you could link a jab. I almost think this could be fucking ridiculous, it sounds like a loop, if you can lp after a ex hand. but then that would be the complete opposite of what capcom wants from gief, since they nerfed his in this game… wtf man i’m trying to be positive, as i can but ex hand not knocking down needs to have more info on it, specifics…like what if, you get a ch ex hand but you only get the first hit, does it still knock down… if not then this needs to be fixed ? What’s the frame advantage on ch, is it a untechable knock down, then that would be god like!!!

Also a few other questions, how much stun does it do, what’s the dmg on it, how many recover frames on block, on hit, on whiff, how much chip does it do…

We are always going to be at a loss here.

I guess im just tired of complaining. Its like every version that comes out Zangief is “worse” I expect this and I’ll just take it how it is because im going to be using Gief anyways. If they have increased the recov frames on Ghand, I’ll take what I can get. Wait till the final version comes out and lets see what it can do. If it truly holds up to how bad everyone (which it very might) is saying it will be. I might shed a tear. But only one. Still Gief Baby!

Could even solve the problem in Final’s signature. Speaking of which, is a now a slacker. We won’t know until this crap comes out? These aren’t set in stone yet.

For me, I’ve manned more hours on Gief - than anoyone else in SF4, so despite nerfs, I’m riding for him as my ‘main’ main…but6 its not coincidence that I have a higher winning percentage with Sim/Honda/Rose/Claw

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