Complete N00b needs guidance/help (SF III)

Hi All. My first post.

So I’ve played Street Fighter games since SF II. BUT I doubt I’ve spent more than an hour with any of them. I’ve played them all I’d say but am rubbish at them all and no very little other than Ryu/Ken special moves. That’s it.

I just got Third Strike and LOVE it. I am however getting my ass handed to me and am stuck on Rank 1 (95).

WHERE do I start to learn this game ?
I always pick Ken whenever I play SF games (which is not often) so was thinking he’d be a good choice. I’ve read starter guides/faqs (here and elsewhere) but was looking for more tailored advise.

I can put in about an hour or two a day but other than just using training mode to do special moves repeatedly I’m not sure what to do then.

Any help appreciated.
Ideally :smiley: I’d love a structured plan I could follow for a few weeks.
*When I saw I’m a n00b… I really do mean it. Be gentle :slight_smile:
**XBLA : SendMoreCorpses

pro tip, stop playing fighting games

  1. Learn all the combos for your character
  2. Read all the faqs
  3. Come back here and ask questions

That should keep you occupied for a while. At your stage in the game (beginner), everyone is going to give you same the advice. You don’t have a playstyle or a strategy yet. You just need to learn the basics.

You can also check out the site in my sig :slight_smile:

Thanks pherai. I am thinking there may be some initial steps for me before I even got to step 1 though. Should I be technically good enough to perform all Kens (for example) specials over and over 99% of the time before I start looking at combos or just go with combos and wait for my technique to catch up?

I read about being able to use specials over and over (in training) liek 10/20 times in a row. Miss one… start again. Is that kinda stuff good?

I am using the SFIV Mad Katz TE stick… btw.

Ignore post #2, as it’s just part of the elitist nonsense you’ll have to occasionally put up with around here.

If you like Ken, do his trials. Watch tutorial videos, practice in training mode. Learn all of his normals and when to use them. Block (lots).

Don’t get discouraged. You’re learning to play a game that some people have played for more than ten years. You’re going to get totally destroyed when playing other people, but don’t let it get to you. Learn a little from each loss, and after a few months you’ll start to improve.

If you play on PSN send me a PM and I’d be glad to spar online with you.

EDIT: I’d say ignore learning combo’s for now. Learn fundamentals. Spacing, anti-air, parrying, footsies, zoning, etc, etc. Combo’s can come much later.

Practicing the motions to do your specials 100% of the time is important as well. They should feel natural and come out whenever you need/want them to.

oh hm, yeah, getting down your command moves (hadou, shoryu, tatsumaki, supers) is probably the place to start, then combos. good call and good luck

Thanks again pherai and thanks rcorporon. Much appreciated. I’ll focus on technique and practising the specials so I can do them without any problems. The trials also.

Any ‘drills’ you can think of let me know.

PSN brianOnPS3 (I have SF III on PSN also).

My advice: However good it may seem from other people doing it, wakeup shoryuken or continous tatsu spam is not an valid strategy in this game.

Sorry but I don’t really know what that means.

Secret arts of the online warriors. Techniques so deadly they are never to be used offline.

Keep this attitude. Any ego will inhibit your progression. Definitely check out pherai’s website. He also has links to C-Royd’s stuff. Metric’s tutorials are great, too, but both tutorials are a little ahead of you at the moment.

Specials & normals should be second nature:
[]When you do fireball, you do fireball and not DP
]When you do DP, you don’t get super / fireball
[]You press the button you actually wanted and do the move you wanted.
]As for normals:
[]you get neutral roundhouse and not b + rh (nor) f + rh
]you don’t randomly get tatsu
[*]make sure you are familiar with EVERY normal. Even the normals that are “bad.”
After knowing your characters normals & specials, go back to training mode and test them on a standing, crouching, and jumping opponent. See what happens and memorize what hits and what whiffs. If it hits, how many times? HOW FAR away can you be and it still hit?
I guess those are your drills. Memorize that stuff. If you get bored with those, memorize strong, fierce xx fireball, super (SA3/Jinrai). Make sure you go back to learning your normals and specials, though.
Good luck.

Remember to have fun. It’s probably one of the main reasons you’re playing the game, right?

Word. You’re going to lose A LOT for a while. Try and remember that you’re learning, you’ll get better, and that its a game and should therefore be fun. Ignore the haters and keep at it.

Cheers again to all.

Before I go and knuckle down with all this homework ;)… one(ish) question.
Your online rank in SF III Online. Does it go up AND down ? I’m rank 1 (95) points. Can this go down also ? Obviously not below lvl 1 but if I made it to lvl 2 (150+ I think) could I drop back to lvl 1 later based on win/loss.

Also, is there somewhere that explains your post match grade ? I can’t figure out what exactly your grade is based on post game.

Don’t worry about online rank. Just learn to play. Ranking doesn’t mean anything when played online.

^ Indeed, just focus on getting as many matches in as possible. Rank means nothing!

And practice, practice, practice…

It only goes up, so as long as you play enough anyone can be on top of the rankings. It gives hope to leaderboard scrubs like me.

kk thanks guys. I’m not focusing at all on rank. Just interested in what it means really.

How about the Match Grades ? Liek C+ or A … how are they made up ? What’s the lowest, what’s the highest ? Are they important (should I be aim for certain grades) ?

those don’t matter at all. win however you can. an ugly win is still a win, so don’t worry about match grades.

With ken, learn the range of his fmk step kick(this will be of some hardcore use for stuffing certain characters) the range of his mk (extremely important! you can set up a nasty mixup game if someone wants to be cute with parrying and punishing as well as hitconfirm into super) also learn the properties of the ex tatsu in the air (again extremely important) also learn the timing of ken’s double light shoryu (don’t stress the kara shoryu because well it’s hella difficult) that and also learn the timings for cancelling specials into supers. Have fun with it man, too bad GGPO is down or I would have shown you the basics.