Complete noob to SSF4, thinking of maining Viper

As the title indicates, I’m really new to SF4, and to trying to take fighting games seriously in general. As such, I wanted to know what people’s thoughts were on me trying to learn the game as Viper. Other fighters I’ve considered are Cody, Sakura, and possibly Rufus (if I get around to buying the alternate costumes, his normal I can’t bear to look at).

I’ve messed around for at least 15 minutes or so (more for those that I’ve liked) in training and/or arcade mode with most characters. I did less with characters who have charge-input specials; I suck at those.

Also, I just bought a fight stick, the SE MadCatz one rather than TE as I’m new to the scene and am not sure how far I will go with it.



If you’re new to fighting games in general, it might not be the best idea to main Viper.
Not because she is considered a difficult character execution-wise, but because she has an unorthodox playstyle. What you learn with her might not apply to other chars.

Really, if I could choose again my 1st char as an SF4 beginner, I would take a char with solid fondamentals :

  • good footsies
  • good anti air
  • a dp-like move
  • reliable ways to land an ultra
  • good FADC combos
    These are the basic SF4 tools, and practicing a char having them is a good thing imo.

This qualifies : ryu, ken, akuma, sagat, rufus, boxer, adon, cammy, fei long, seth.
I would avoid mixup-based chars, grapplers, unorthodox chars and lacking chars for a 1st choice.

I leaned sf (in general) from vipers pov. It’s not that bad, just make sure u learn the right things, don’t get carried away with being 100% offensive. A simple patient viper can do well, she plays like a shoto at heart anyway.

Ps. Don’t get frustrate getting obliterated by rog, gief, blanka, Honda and a few others, those matches will feel unwinable without practice

Alright, I can see what you’re saying. I was hesitant to use certain characters because there seems to be a certain stigma attached to them. I was thinking of potentially going with Fei Long but he seemed a little difficult for me, I guess I’ll give him another try.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

Doesnt she have ok footsies
Good AA and has a dp?
shes the best at landing ultras
and whats better than a non meter fadc?

Depends on your perspective probably. From a player with good execution, you can offset her weaknesses. But for a beginner… ie her normals become ok when feinted, her AA is subpar but allows trading into ultra etc.

If this is your first fighting game, then no, fuck Viper.
Go play Chun or some other braindead character (or a character that you can play braindead-ly) to get the feeling of the game first. I picked up Viper as my first character in SFiv, but I already had execution from playing KoF and MB before SF. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I play Melty AC. :confused: And to be quite honest, I miss playing it.

So, still having trouble deciding now… I hear the term “shoto” referring to projectile+shoryuken characters, and I was wondering if choosing one of them over other characters that seem more limited in their options, like Adon, Cammy, Boxer or Fei Long especially, who I just couldn’t seem to like. I think Rufus looks interesting , but I can’t stand anything about his aesthetics. Boxer seems really hard to learn, and also for most of the charge characters I don’t understand some of their inputs for specials and shit.

So, essentially I think going with a shoto would be my best option at this point, but if anyone thinks otherwise let me know why.
And with that being said, I feel like going with some of them, like Akuma or Ken or Ryu, would just make me blend in with the general population that seems to favor those characters. So, would someone like Gouken really be that much of a disadvantage compared to those, and is Dan (I realize he’s a joke character) really that pitiful?

If I don’t find something that really works, I’ll probably just default to Sagat, as I’m enjoying him a bit and he seems like he would be easier to learn at least on a basic level than a lot of others for me, or at least he fits my very pitiful playstyle right now. The reason I don’t just use him is I feel I would potentially do better with a shoto if I knew what I were doing.

Again, thanks for all the input so far.

Being a Boxer player myself, he is NOT hard to learn. Has very few hard links (probably none tbh), has awesome AA’s, easy to land ultra (easy is an overstatement). If you want to start off with someone and win by hardly trying, Boxer is the one for you. Maybe when you get to grips with the game more you could pick up Viper. She has very hard execution and you would need to put in a lot of hours I imagine to get good with her. Good luck deciding :slight_smile:

Shoto refers to Ryu-sque characters, like Ken, Akuma, and the former mentioned. As you noted, they all have fireballs and DPs with usable invincibility frames.

Adon’s a bit different. I can’t really explain to you his game. Cammy’s similar, but she has a much stronger high-low mix-up with her TKCS.

Fei Long–no offense to those who main him–is relatively braindead. You have rekkas that are safe on block if you hit with the tip. Your s.hp and cr.hp are both good pokes. It’s really more of a, “I’m this far away from him; which move is safest?” sort of game.

Boxer is actually an extremely good character for a beginner. I wouldn’t worry too much about him being a charge character. He’s actually relatively simple to play.

If you want to play as Viper, play as Viper. Who cares about her match-ups, footsies, and things like that. Just play as her. Eventually you’ll master the character and enjoy the game a lot more. I suggest not taking everyone’s comments on a forum seriously and just play the game. The more you play, the better you get.

Learning to play viper WILL ABSOLUTELY get in the way of learning street fighter. Learn to play street fighter with a street fighter character. I would recommend ryu, balrog, maybe fei. Not viper. Like lainy said, if you already have execution and general fighting games skills go for it. I played rufus for a year straight before I went back to viper and really got a grip on her.

This now begs the question… When would be a good time to pick up Viper?

Jblair nailed it. If you know the fondamentals of the game, you can pick her up.

Training her execution is one thing. Seeing that you don’t win anything after hours of training time is like going nowhere, if you cannot pinpoint what exactly goes wrong. Often, it’s not execution.

I wanted to main Viper when I picked up the game too, but being a complete beginner means that I can’t use her effectively right now (or any other character for that matter). Right now, I’d recommend holding off on choosing a main or anything like that and just practice the basics and execution. Mess around in trial, training, and arcade mode with all the characters until your comfortable with playing the game. Then you can return to Viper and see how much more easier it is to use her. Believe me, I wanted to use Viper but I was a complete noob so I lost every match I played online with her and other characters I used. But, after playing around with different characters and just trying to have fun in practicing, I came back to Viper and saw how much easier it was to execute certain moves. When I first started, I had trouble using a stick and couldn’t even do a seismic cancel. Several weeks later, I’m spamming seismic cancels in training mode and it feels comfortable to use an arcade stick.

Bottom line, don’t rush things. Play around with Viper AND the rest of the cast to get better. Then, when you develop some skill, then you can give pride to the Viper community by maining her and pwning online.

This statement was made by a beginner. Take it however you will :slight_smile:

well if you want to go far your going to have to learn 1 character the character should be 1 you feel comfortable with.Viper is a really really tuff character to play but once you learn her the reward is really really good characters like sagat are really good to play with to get the feel of the game if you have Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition i can teach you a couple of things maybe i can even suggest 2 you a character if you’d like message me on xbl NGB Kloud

you can do viper alone it becomes a much longer road. pick up a few others on the side if you must.
I spent MONTHS STRAIGHT on her alone, i didn’t understand her better until I played as rose and vega on the side, any other perspective helps. Even a grappler gives you some idea of whats going on.

When you play online, I would recommend more on focusing what works and what doesn’t than winning or losing. It’s a different mindset since you’ll play more “safely” if you are worried more about winning rather than learning.

I played with Ryu until I got 5000 BP with him, and I noticed how little I learned at first when I was dead set on winning. When I started to care less and focused more on what’s going on, the mechanics, what tricks are coming my way, etc., I started to win more and more frequently. Then I started to win almost all the time. Then I switched to Viper, and have started to lose all the time. lol

So fight to learn the game and your character. I think when the dust settles, you’ll find the character that matches you.

Before SF4, I was never experienced with fighting games. I bought SF4 on release day and dove straight into Viper using a controller. It sucked. I switched to Cammy for about two weeks. I then saw a YouTube video of a Japanese Viper player bodying a Ken player. (Wasn’t even that good, now that I look back at it.) I became inspired. I wanted that power, so I switched back. I bought a SE stick soon after and practiced using only her for months.

If you to jump straight into Viper, then it will be a LONG road. You will have matches where you constantly get bodied until you get better. Is it rewarding though? Yes, I think it is. I love it. I love playing as Viper, she’s all I need. The only major downside is switching to other characters. There’s really no other character that is like Viper. If you’re going to play Viper, drive some of your focus and attention to another character at the same time. Start early so that it pays off later. The only other character I am comfortable playing with is Juri and I can’t even begin to explain how much more training I need with her to catch her up.

Whatever decision you make, good luck!

Well this thread helped me come to grips with C.Viper I’m not a new Street Fighter player but I’am new to SSFIV last night no matter how hard I tried I lost every single match I played it was extremely frustrating. It was like playing as Viper I had to work twice as hard as my opponent to equal the damage they were doing to me. But since there is no other charecter close to Vipers playstyle who has comparable stamina besides Seth?

and Balrog is boxer right?