Complete nub

Hey guys, I’m a complete nub to the whole fighter genre and before I jump in, I want to ask a couple questions. Sorry if there have been answered already, if so, please point me in the right direction thanks.

Anyway, as I said, I’m a complete noob to the series, but I’m an experienced gamer. I’m mainly an FPS player but I think I want to try something more strategic, like Street Fighter, Tekken, and other games of the series. When I would play against friends on games like this, we would just mash random stuff and hope to win but now I want to try playing less like an epileptic watching a strobe light and more like someone with skill and able to have fun. I want to ask, is coming from an FPS background going to decrease the learning curve, steepen it, or just not really do anything at all? Also, going into these games (Street Fighter specifically), should I expect to pick a favorite character or will there be different characters for different occasions? From footage of rounds that I’ve seen, it seems to be a combination of the two. Finally, before I end this wall of text, could someone give me the gist of the difference of SF4 and SSF4? I think I’ll pick SSF4 up because it’s used in more tournaments meaning it’s more popular, but are there any real major differences?

If you’re still reading this, thanks for taking the time to at least read through this.

The controls will be difficult at first if you’ve never played older street fighter games and still difficult depending on just how long it’s been for you. It’s not really intuitive like “point and shoot” as in an FPS; there is a lot more emphasis on absolute precision and timing. They aren’t impossible to learn you’ll probably just lose quite a bit at first because a lot of the players have been building their game knowledge and execution for years.

Some characters are more difficult to use than others, but being new you should find one that you like, or one that you know doesn’t suck, and then stick with that character. Test the waters with different ones for sure but focus the majority of your attention on one because a lot of street fighter has to do with matchups. Aka, what your current character should do against your opponent, his character, and what is currently happening in the match.

As far as I know the biggest differences between SF4 and SSF4 are additional characters, some changes to old characters, and each character getting a second ultra to choose from. There may be more to it though; I’ve only had the game a week myself.

FPS experience will help with reflexes, street fighter is pretty fast like a FPS, so it will help some, but just a little.

Pick a favorite!!! Master one character. I mean REALLY master one character. Your only as good as your best character. Its handy to know more then one character, sure, but master one before moving on to another. And there’s no problem at all at only playing one character 100% of the time.

SSF4 is better in every way shape or form. DO NOT buy SF4, get the super version. More characters, more moves, better online, better balance, better everything.

Thanks for both of your answers. Now I know what I’m jumping into, or have a basic idea, and can’t wait until I have the $40 for SSF4 (about a week or 2 after I get my Turtle Beaches this Saturday :D)

Followup questions: Is there a certain etiquette to playing SF online in general? I don’t mean about taunting like a douche cause…well…it’s douchy. But, since I come from a lot of CoD, I’m used to being called a scrub/douche/other terms for using what’s given to me. Does the same thing happen for using a higher tier character or does everyone just kind of go with it and figure out a way to stand a chance?
Also, any character suggestions for someone who likes moderate strength and has more emphasis on speed/agility?

Eh, some taunt, most don’t. It seems like a lot of players have characters that they dislike for one reason or another. To compare it to CoD, when you first start out playing it will be like trying to 2-shot someone across afghan with an M9 or ricochet a throwing knife around a corner to kill a guy you heard running but couldn’t see. It will be that hard to win against people who are trying because the characters and their moves aren’t so powerful that they will overcome your inexperience. There are characters that are hard to use but it’s closer to rock, paper, scissors with fireballs than call of duty.

Not going to make character suggestions as I have no idea which one would be the best fit for you starting out.

The only character I could think of would be Ibuki. She has some quick combo attacks and has alot of maneuverability. I’d say pick her if you’re looking for speed.

If you are new Ibuki is not really a great choice. I’m all for the play who you like idea but Ibuki’s learning curve is pretty steep and her execution is not easy.

I remember trying out SF4 a little while bored at GameCrazy and wansn’t too interested in it, but I played Cammy for a couple trials and she seemed a little easy to learn. Should I stick with her as a beginner/main, or should I go for something a bit easier?

Nah seems like you answered your own question
Stick to Cammy
She’s quick and has pretty decent damage
IMO, when in regards to fighting games, especially when you’re totally new to it, the first character that sticks out to you whether it be how they look or their play style, take that character and run with it
The biggest thing to concern yourself is to have fun and enjoy your fighter
I remember the first time I ever played SF
Wayyyy back when SF2CE was out in arcades, I scanned through the roster and Vega caught my attention cause of his claws and mask
Thought it looked cool as a kid but eventually I faced off against Ryu and saw Hadoukens flying at me and BAM!, I was hooked
His look and playstyle fit me great at the time and I had fun

If you like her, stick with her. You should play a character you enjoy, regardless of the learning curve. You might also want to try C.Viper (though her learning curve is as steep as Ibuki’s), El Fuerte, and Sakura.

Edit: Street Fighter is a lot less offense focused than some other fighting games (See: Guilty Gear), and as such it lacks a large selection of characters with a focus on agility.

Vega actually caught my eye too because of his appearance xD.
So did El Fuerte… this is odd, I think once I get the game I’ll go into training with each of them and pick one to main.
Btw, Narcowski, it’s an art.

Just have fun most of all!

+1, thats the most important part of the game and its the only reason I play. If you focused on being an expert from the start you wont progress. You will get beat down alot in the first couple of weeks depending on your ability to learn. After that, you will grow into a pretty skilled fighter. Also visit the character section you decide to choose on SRK within the SSF4 forum section.

Good luck!

You get these kind of people in every game. The odd person will call you cheap for using X tactic, but it’s usually their inability to counter it that makes it appear so. If they haven’t got anything constructive to say then just ignore them. This is hopefully a rare occurrence so don’t worry about it.

@Castro - I actually decided to pick this genre up cause the footage I saw looked really fun, but sort of complicated, hence my questions. I’m kinda bored with current FPS games and fighters don’t seem to get old at all.
@Paceyz - I’d expect to find them a few times, but I’m glad I shouldn’t see it as much as in FPS games. P.S., nice avy xD Egoraptor FTW

there isn’t any etiquette. it’s just like other games, people will call you ‘noob’ or ‘scrub’ for using some tactics just like in fps when you camp, but in the end it’s who wins that matter.

I’m curious, what exactly is the equivalent to camping in SSF4? Patterning…?

LOL, zoning by throwing out fireballs.

Turtling… How the hell havent you figured that out yourself? lol

How to have an instant time: Get cornered, crossup, jump to the other side of the screen, HADOUKEN! HADOUKEN! HADOUKEN! HADOUKEN!