Complete Oro Thread


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Detective Diaper Bomb here. I’m calling for a cease and desist on this thread of the offender JWanggg!

He is a repeat scrub offender and also he don’t know shit about 3S!

Your compliance is much appreciated.

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I’m pretty sure this is a bait to get me angry enough to play Marvel. I’m not falling for it.

I’m pretty sure he means it. Imo what you should do is get a camera, money match this clown, and then post the vids in this thread. That way everybody can see this fool get DEALT WITH!

Btw Oro-Sama, why are the twins okay/cool for Oro to fight, but Urien is kind of a bad matchup?

Tier Lists Data:
Oro – Urien: 5-5 (2007), 5-5 (2005) 5-5 (2002)
Oro – Yang: 4-6 (2007), 4-6 (2005), 4-6 (2002)
Oro – Yun: 3-7 (2007), 3-7 (2005), 3-7 (2002)
[RIGHT](Source Eventhubs)[/RIGHT]

P.S. Why haven’t u made a complete Elena thread yet?

The twins/Urien matchups are my personal opinion based on experience, match vids I’ve seen, and theory fighter(lol). I don’t have much experience vs Yun, and only a little more against Urien I suppose, but I’ve fought Yang a reasonable number of times.

One of my reasons for twins being decent vs Oro is that I can’t justify calling characters with such small stun bars bad matches for Oro. He can stun them in four hits. Four hits which will leave them at less than 50% life. He also has the air grab, which does a lot of damage when you predict a dive kick, leaving the twins to their ground options. Oro also has 2 and 3 frame start up attacks that help alleviate pressure from their fast moves and tics to command grab when they are close.

Maybe it’s just that the only Urien players I’ve fought are really good, but I think Oro has a difficult time using his normal strategies to deal damage to Urien. Many of his normals that I like to use frequently in most match-ups, like st. MK, st. HK, and cr MK, do not seem to fit in when I fight Urien because his normals have a very long range, forcing Oro to use some of his moves with a lot of recovery, like cr. MP. It seems like Urien would have a bit of a tough time using miscellaneous headbutt setups with Oro’s height and dash causing him to fly well over Oro’s head, but if the player knows the match-up, they won’t be throwing out random headbutts anyway. Oro is also lacking a big punish for blocked tackles, even when fully metered. Don’t forget to buffer towards parries once in a while to catch those tackles! I think Oro’s strength in this match-up lies (as I said before) in abusing his short height, getting out of range of Urien’s normals and whiffing moves that his random tackles will run into (cr. MK), and play VERY patiently. Urien will probably have a tough time dealing with Oro’s close moves like the dreaded MP or cl LK, but it can be hard to get that close to him. My biggest advice would be to BE PATIENT, and wait for your moment :slight_smile:

Again, this is just my opinion. Feel free to voice another one.

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Keep up the good work on da thread jjjwanggg. I’ll prob rip this off and make an Alex version of this thread when I have a spare moment between poundin scrubs!

Added match up data written by ThyAllMighty and myself/Hungbee on Dudley and Urien respectively. I will add a lot to at least one other section by Thursday at 11:59pm. Stay tuned!

The funny thing is that 15 frame start up for a command normal overhead is still pretty good if that’s what the frames on his s.HP is. I believe the fastest overhead in SFIV is either the exact same speed or even slower. 15 frames start up on an overhead is still pretty quick especially considering it’s a double hit overhead which means if the opponents wants to parry it down they have to parry 2 hits so it works well as a parry killer every now and then also.

Yeah it’s a good move, but you definitely can’t get predictable with it. You have to set it up a little more than his UOH, which is also a good overhead.

All I know about his HP overhead is that it’s awesome during Tengu…it’s pretty easy to react to, though. Only way you can’t see it is if you’re not familiar with the Oro matchup.

Oro’s s.hp has 17 frames of startup according to the Brady guide, which I would consider relatively unspectacular. For comparison Akuma, Alex, Ryu, and Urien all have 14 frame overheads. Dudley’s is 12.

Uoh alone does like a jab’s worth of damage. But it can be worthwhile in certain situations such as during Tengu. Or, after a command grab, the opponent cannot quickstand allowing you to setup a meaty uoh > x hp command grab.

I’ve tried to start learning oro over the last while. What vexes me at this moment is his ground/chip game with tengu. Should I use 3 or 5 stones? How do I keep from getting interrupted by random moves?
One time I saw a vid of Dirty or Inoue or Thanatos do a 23 hit combo with tengu on the ground. Best moves to string together?

Also, I love the tengu juggle stun combo for chun, Q, elena but is there anything close to that for the rest of the cast?

I’m a little unclear on exactly what your question is, but I’m glad you asked it, because now I’m forced to write the Tengu Stones section of the thread. Oh and the combo I think you’re talking about that works on Chun, Q, Elena also works on Necro and I think someone else… Maybe Oro?

Check back in a couple hours.

EDIT:: Okay added to the Advanced/Misc section to answer your question. Lemme know if I left anything out or didn’t answer your question.

Just to clarify, bear with me,

I was asking these questions about grounded Tengu attacks.
-regular or EX to get best options (basically answered: regular seems best)
-types of attacks and timing to avoid interruptions (basically answered: lk,,, UOH and leave gaps for stones to hit, don’t mash)

-is it very difficult to pull of a big grounded combo like Thanatos does in the SBO4 vid you’ve listed above (he uses EX I think)?
-is anything like that possible with regular tengu on the ground?

Dizzy juggles with EX Tengu.
-best juggle/s to dizzy the cast other than chun, Q, elena and necro? I feel like at mid screen the, juggle combo does better dizzy than the, juggle, for example.

Thanks jwangggg, you’ve been very helpful. It’s so nice to have a complete character thread with all the info organized at the beginning into categories.

Chicken combo builds crazy meter.

in my opinion the better you get and the higher level your competition the less you will use his s.hp. Even in tengu strings its big weakness is the startup, it will be blocked or someone might just be doing something to get out of your tengu and you lose valuable damage. Very low value move considering how slow it is and if someone parries the first hit chances are they will do the 2nd hit, there is no danger of you cancelling it or anything and the recovery isn’t fast. I’d especially not use it as a meaty move with any regularity

First off, thanks for the praise, and thanks for choosing Oro! That ground combo thing is pretty specific and it’s not something I’ve ever attempted in a match. I’m sure it’s stone/character specific. Really I think he might have been just trying to apply pressure with the LKs, but then when he got close and saw that Yun was still getting comboed, he did target combo into command grab.

Mid screen juggles don’t really deal a lot of stun. The way you get stun during Tengu juggles is a specific range thing. Look at the vid I posted of the Chun 100% and notice how he hits with the very tip of his foot; this is what grants the most stun damage. A reset is also required because after a few hits of chicken dance, the stun damage scaling is pretty rough.

Yeah. I think I made it sound like I think it’s better than it is. It’s a move you won’t use very often, but it can pay off since you set it up differently than Oro’s other overhead options.

Good work jwangggg, keep it up.

I have a couple of lazy picks I took after work of my Oro arcade stick:

Critical Schott uploaded this image to

I don’t think the green buttons look right? I need to get the green bezel to make it look better and the last 2 buttons I want to get in all black, but (the buttons/bezel) were sold out. I will take suggestions on a better button color or any ideas…