Complete Rock Thread



this is eventually going to be the complete “how-to” guide to rock since most of the other threads are dead… I’m gonna edit this first post often so check back for updates.

The Only Moves you need to know

standing roundhouse
one of the best anti-air moves in the game. If anyone jumps at you throw this out. There are very few moves that will even trade let alone beat this move.

jumping roundhouse
one of the best jump-in moves in the game. It is very hard to anti-air but it should not be abused because it doesn’t cross up. His best move to low jump with

jumping short
his best air to air move, but it’s better to just stay on the ground and standing roundhouse them.

crouching strong
Rock’s other anti-air, it’s not as good as s. rh, but it is useful in stopping cross ups and setting up his 360 throw

jab and strong elbows (qcb jab or qcb strong)
his best spacing and advancing moves. These elbows are safe when blocked at certain ranges, good pressuring move, good anti-air when roll cancelled, good for out of range poking battles

rage run shift (qcb rh)
the ONLY rage run you should use. There are no instances when it’s a good idea to use the other 2. (will write more later, need to go to ihop)

short crack counter (qcf jab)
Counters jump ins and special moves… does not counter supers so don’t try it. This move is not to be used as anti-air as you have 3 perfectly good anti-airs that provide guaranteed damage. The only real use is to stop roll canceled moves such as sakura’s hurricane kick. The other 2 counters are ok, but not all that useful considering you can usually counterpoke instead of countering.

reppuken (qcf jab or qcf strong)
your all purpose zoning fireball, it’s good but not abusable. It’s a very valuable tool against characters with no just defend or good roll like cammy. double reppuken is usually not worth it. There is only one situation where double repukken is useful and it’s a roll cancelled point blank one that you do when they wake up… Even still not very good.

jab rising tackle (hold down for 2 seconds, up jab)
your only non-super wakeup move. Will not beat air attacks but will sometimes stuff ground attacks. Basically… If they are jumping at you while you’re knocked down, don’t do this move because it probably won’t work… it is a horrible anti-air move, decent for ground to ground. Anyways, don’t do wake up moves anyways cause you’ll die.


If they whiff a dragon punch/laggy move/dizzy-
j. rh, c. jab, s. rh, qcb fierce
or j. rh, s. rh, qcb fierce

the second combo does not contain any links, and is much easier to hit. If you don’t want to mess up, use the second combo.

Rock’s close standing roundhouse goes over small characters who are crouching. If you land a jumping rh, then use…
j. rh, c. jab, s. fierce, qcb fierce
or j. rh, s. fierce, qcb fierce

If you have a super in this situation
(p/s/k/n)j. rh, c. jab, s. rh (or fierce if they are crouching), lvl. 3 shine knuckle
©j. rh, c. jab, s. rh, lvl 2 shine knuckle, lvl 1 shine knuckle (or qcb jab if you only have 2 levels. In the corner do fierce rising tackle instead of qcb jab)

or for an easier c-groove combo
© j. rh, c. rh, lvl 2 raging storm, lvl 1 raging storm
(a)activate, c. fierce x 4, c. rh, qcb strong, s. rh, qcb strong x 2 (opponent in corner), fierce rising tackle, qcf qcf punch. (if you have time, put a s. rh in before the qcf qcf punch to ground yourself and make the combo easier)**

good combos for different situations

(p,s,n,k) low jump rh, deadly rave (hcb,f, short, then jab jab short short strong forward fierce roundhouse, qcb fierce)
this is much better then low jump rh, shine knuckle because it is safe if blocked and is usually easier to land.

if they block the deadly rave, stop the chain after pressing forward and do a qcb rh, 360 throw, break by tapping 3 punches, qcb fierce.

off of a midscreen 360. Most damage without a super is
360 p, tap 3 punches to break stun, fierce elbow (qcb fierce)
if you have a lvl 3 super midscreen
360 p, tap 3 punches to break, lvl 3 shine knuckle
this works especially well in k groove while you are raged

Groove Specifics and Advantages
C-Groove Rock has a lot of tools at his disposal. The ability to quickly build meter up to lvl 2 and the ability to store a lvl 3 super are probably his best attributes. in combos always use lvl 2 supers since they end up in the best damage for your meter. Lvl 3 shine knuckle takes off a lot less then lvl 2 into lvl 1. Since you can sit on lvl 3 supers, the 360 throw, cancel stun, lvl 3 shine knuckle adds a lot to his game. Rock has a really fast dash that can be easily followed up by a 360 into super. if you’ve conditioned the opponent to know that dash 360 is an option, they may start trying to reactionary jab you once you get into range to dash throw. Once this happens they’re going to get hit with a lot more sweeps since the damn thing comes out so fast. The c-groove hop also gives you the option of jumping over knocked down characters. Not abusable but a good enough mix up.

A-Groove Rock has a lot of c-groove rock’s tools but the damage potential is not as high. his basic a groove combo is,

c. forward, c. fierce x3, fierce elbow, cancel the first hit with c. fierce x 7, repeat until end of combo then do sweep raging storm or just shine knuckle

if they block the c. fierces, then you have a free mixup between overhead (toward +forward) and run through 360, break 360, fierce hard edge, standing roundhouse, strong hard edge to corner then do some corner combo bullshit into super.

dash activate is good

P-Rock is good but doesn’t have any real advantages over any other p groove characters. Solid, a few of the same tactics as c groove rock but you don’t build meter very fast. Losing his roll isn’t a bad thing since his roll sucks so much

will update when i have time


Actually, I switch up between QCB+LK and QCB+MK all the time. People learn to expect the overhead so I switch up to QCB+MK and grab them as they stand up (expecting the overhead). QCB+MK is especially useful in A-Groove when in CC mode. I usually do QCB+LK when they block, then go into c.LK’s to keep Rock safe… every once in a while it’s a good idea to QCB+MK and grab. The Shift doesn’t work as well because the opponent realizes theres no overhead coming (after the Shift runs through them).


wheres the combos?


lol yea

well…i dunno if this was mentioned in previous rock threads…but here’s something like i to do

when i get them into deadly rave(from combo or not) instead of doing the fierce xxhardedge at the end, i sometimes do fierce, run/shift, 360, hardedge

if they opponent is gonna zone out while i beat them with deadly rave, might as well do a lil more damage if i can…


not finished with the post yet… if i get a break from the girlfriend today i’ll update and finish it


…the girlfriend? i thought you had a bf, the av kinda fools yah


I’ll post his combos since i was fucking around with him today

BnB’s, c.lp,, qcb+hp

c.lp, c.hp, qcb+hp

360 -> laser

360 -> laser -> rising tackle (corner)


360 -> laser -> lvl2 shine knuckle -> Rising tackle or Raging storm

360 -> laser -> lvl2 Raging storm -> rising tackle -> Raging storm, c.lp, lvl2 Shine Knuckle xx raging storm / Rising tackle


after knock down qcb + lk (overhead)

after knock down or hp throw, qcb + hk when they wake up 360 grab.

360 -> laser -> -> qcb + lk

360 -> laser -> -> qcb + hk 360 -> laser -> Rising tackle / raging storm / shine knuckle.

Custom Combos

c.hp x3,, [, qcb +hp] x2 or 3, rising tackle, raging storm

[s.hp x3, qcb +hp] until meter runs out xx shine knuckle (timing is weird)

[corner] 360 -> laser -> activate s.hp, c.hp, rising tackle x 2 or 3, qcb +hp xx raging storm.

[midscreen] 360 (cancel it) activate qcb +hp x2 qcb +hp, rising tackle x 1 or 2, xx raging storm.

Forget the other grooves.


You do realize that the FP rising tackle can wake-up on anything, cannot be air blocked deep, and has amazing priority, it’s a great anti-air unlike Terry’s. the other 2 suck ass.


what do you guys mean by wake up?


After being knocked down and you attack as soon as you get up ( dp, super ) is a wake-up attack.


does’t rising tackle often push them away after the first couple hits or so?

everytime i do rising tackle…they get thrown away and i did crap damage for the risk i took…


the coolest shit in the world…for run grooves

is run xx 360…funniest shit ever…not command run or nothin…just forward forward xx 360

lots of uses too…use ur heads

rock is a straight up gangster

all damage efficiency dudes should note that 360.p xx does more than laser…u gotta time it tho…it looks wierd but its easy

watch out when using some people can beat ass after that on the free tip (bison and rog come to mind)


Here’s what I like to do in dash grooves:

Sweep > Ground Crossup > S.Fierce, MP Reppuken.

You might wanna mix it up by just doing a S.Fierce in case your opponent tries to roll. Then you can just throw them out of it.


Some people will swear by him in K, N, or A grooves. But I prefer C groove. Lvl2 gauge is a great deterrent (who doesn’t fear his Raising Storm?) and his super-cancel from a lvl 2 Raising Storm into fp Rising Tackle tacks on a decent amount of damage. I personally never super-cancel into a lvl 1 Raising Storm. I think its a waste of meter that could better be saved for charging quickly back up to lvl 2. He doesn’t truly need airblock, since his air-to-ground RH and his air-to-air mk are quite good, but against dp happy peepz it doesn’t hurt.

I personally find Rock’s dashing to be quite helpful. It’s fast and has good distance. You can throw a lp Rebukken from nearly across the screen and dash twice and you’ll be within st. mp distance. I also like crossing it up and mixing it up. For instance, after a cr. RH sweep, I’ll dash twice and crossup the dead body. If its not a dp character, I will start off with a meaty close range > cr. mk > lp Rebukken. All of this links, so if he manages to block it, its still decent guard damage. If he gets hit the st. mp > cr. mk comboes. However, the lp Rebukken does not,… I just like throwing it out there as a mixup.

I like switching lp Rebukken with the lp Hard Edge only because against some strong pokers like Sagat, Blanka and Chun… the distance you’re left at after a blocked lp Hard Edge usually gives your opponent the advantage. Sure, you can try and cr. RH sweep if they’re slow, but if they’re not, you’re kinda stuck. Jumping’s not an option against dp characters, rolling sure aint and dashing back will guarantee you eating a cr. fp from Sagat. The lp Rebukken off a cr. mk is quite fast even though it doesn’t combo and will keep you at a good distance. So unless I’m positive the lp Hard Edge will combo, like during a jump-in combo, I tend to stick with lp Rebbuken off the cr. mk. Just my style.

But even on this simple crossup I like to change this up and instead of the above-mentioned poking string, crossup the dead body with dash, then immediately qcb+RH Teleport to crossup yet again and 360 Throw. It looks stylish to me and works on dp characters.

BTW, anyone know the recovery frames off a Rage Teleport? I mean, just how long does it take to fully recover without doing the 360 throw?

EDIT: Oh… one more thing. Another reason I prefer C over A is the difference between having a Lvl 2 Raising Storm vs. CC capability. Again, airblock is quite menial in my comparison. Most CC’s will come off of 360 throw cancels or CC activate > cr. mk to blow through pokes or jump-ins. However, you can throw in Lvl 2 Raising Storm into those equations with super cancel and it’s pretty even damage wise. Plus, keeping a lvl 2 Raising Storm stocked does wonders on your opponent’s mind. That’s why I pick C over A.


Standing MP whiffs on most crouching characters, Im thinking probably about 90% of the cast, making it largely worthless. Close standing MP–> Low MK also does not link normally, unless stand MP is done a little meaty to hit late, which is fairly hard for a move that deosnt stay out for very long. Its also impossible for MP to hit that late if your spending time dashing to the other side of a character on wake up(unless maybe they slow get up?). Finally, although you mention it below, low forward–> LP Reppu ken deosnt combo. Its very roll-able, and Rock’s Reppu ken has no shortage of recovery. They roll, you lose some life. You would be better off canceling into a MP Reppu ken to make the roll-able gap smaller, or canceling into nothing at all.

crouching forward–> Lp hard edge from that range deosnt combo vs 90% of the cast.

If someone blocks a Hard Edge from max distance, you can still crack counter attempts to take advantage of your frame disadvantage.


Anti Air custom… Activate, Trip/rising tackle, s.RH, qcb LP, s.RH, qcb LP, repeat till corner, rising tackle, s.rh, raging storm…


Probably already knwo this, but i was screwing around with P Rock…came up with a nice li’l (approx.) 8500 dmg combo. j.rh, s.rh, mp hard edge, raising storm. I like it :slight_smile:


Hm, I just tried that and it doesn’t work. Are you sure there wasn’t combo link?



So doesnt work in any version besides GC and Xbox. This kinda stuff happens so often, it hurts my head.


I dont use EO…or an EX groove…-shrug-…i just did it again…maybe it’s not an EO-ism thing, but just somehting they changes in the entire game itself.