Complete Stick Parts List?


If I wanted to build my own stick from scratch what would I need?

List so far



slagcoin Joystick Controller page
helps a lot. anything else just look at the threads already posted.

heres some more info for ya
that was found in


Controller logic (the PCB)
Controller cable & Connector

Hook up Wire
A Case
Solder and/or Quick Disconnects
Possibly a wiring harness for the stick.


those confusedededed me


thanks man


if it did you should really just consider sticking with buying retail sticks instead of making your own cause
has just about everything you need for a basic build. you dont understand the threads your going to spend a lot more time and money that you would want to in building your own stick from scratch… but good luck either way…


Those stickies do have a lot of tl;dr going on.

Please remember not to lick the soldering iron.


Thanks for your input, I’ll probably read that whole thing when I finally am going to do it.
Personally I don’t mind if I fuck up a few times.


What may be helpful is to start from a retail stick, and then do something simple, like putting Seimitsu or Sanwa parts into an SE. Then, maybe move onto something from there, like go to a dual mod. Then maybe a few other projects to help you clean it up, rewire, add LEDs, yank everything out and make it a project box stick, whatever. It just takes some experience, as well as a good bit of knowledge, too.

I recommend it because you at least start with something working, and you can always back up, try to put everything back, and then get back to it working once again.


thanks man
I already replaced my buttons and stick on SE :smiley: so thats a start


The truth is, people without the attention span to read through a tech article are probably better of not doing the work themselves.