Complete Strider Strategy Thread

Okay, I know there are many threads out there that explain some things and have been discussed but I just feel like putting it in one :slight_smile:

So I’ve been seeing these “Does Strider need doom”…IMO, yes if you are in a tournament or want to win. If you are good, then, you wwould probably switch to a more advanced trap, say spiral or sentinel. Doom will does the most blocking chip though

** Using Strider **

As we all know, you try to keep your opponent trapped for as long as possible, timing the doom assist closest to the opponent for some chip. Of course, nothing is easy. Starting the matchup, you can either:

1) do a…
2) do a, j.hp,
or ** 3) ** just block and assist
** Note that strider’s c.lp is the quickest startup, should be used against other mags and striders. **
So when you do trap, you’d want to pressure using birds, panthers and your doom assist.

** Trapping Cable **

It may not look like it, because most people think that S/D is “the anti-scrub”, but a good cable knows what he is doing.
Against cable, you wouldnt wanna necessarily “trap” most of the game. A pantherxxorbs would leave you open for an AHVB. Invincible assists (meaning cammy and ken) would be a major problem. Cable will most of the time fade (jump) back and wait for your assist or for that AHVB. What you want to do is annoy cable. To do that, you just simply teleport near him. When you are close, assist and teleport the other way, so he is facing strider and away from the assist. Do that for the rest of the game, and you should be safe. Blocking is the key to beating cable. I know I have not yet said anything about the orbs, but, you only want to do that if your opponent is in blockstun. Dont try it from afar. If, somehow, you are feeling cocky and want to do so, throw a bird with a bomb to it (back, charge foward+hk).

** Trapping Sentinel **

This will really tick you off. Dont try anything on the startup, sentinel’s j. lp beats out all of strider’s moves. Wait for the pause, and teleport on him. You mostly want to use the birds, because sentinel is so big, a standing one will hit a bird from afar. Panthers are used after the trap to buy time. Remember, after the 3 bird, or panther, you can xxorbs. Once sentinel is trapped, he cannot do much. Yet its still hard to do that. Teleport without orbs, and when doom’s assists hits, panther xxorbs.

** Trapping Storm **

This, without doubt, is your hardest opponent. With only S/D, its almost impossible to bring her down quickly. Dont waste your supers while she is in the air. Wait for your doom assist to hit. Just get close, and place the assist on where she is landing. Then, trap her. Use the basic; magic(on ground) and on the hk, + assist. Then, panther, panther, birdxxorbs.

** Trapping Magneto **

This is your easiest opponent out of the 4 gods. Magneto cannot stay in the air as long as storm, but he can still buy time and run away. So play strider like you would against a mix of cable, sentinel, and storm. There is no serious threat that mag can do, although psylocke beats doom, thats all you have to watch out for. If you are smart and careful, this shouldn’t be a big problem for you.

Good luck to all the strider users out there :tup:

what!! mag vs s/d is the hardest fight not only can he infinite you from ne where but if he calls out an assist and hits doom its over pray to god you dont get bounced out and here comes your 3rd for a quick guard break he dies doom comes in guardbreak he dies and strider comes in by himself good luck with that… thats the way mixup plays and he pwns my ass all day everyday i have an easier time againt his sentinel or cable teams

mag just pwnz its a fact by now

i can hang with mixup every now and then id say the best bet is to only go for guaranteed setups or do an oroborus while mag is in the air safe is better than sorry god knows strider cant take a combo

Sure mag will give you a hard time. His runaway is decent and yes, all mag needs is one hit these days. I understand that along with the guardbreaks and resets, but if you are a good strider, you just jjump back, time your doom right (say when you see him sj., then mags wiill have no choice but to be hit, or block). Then you trap. It is not as easy as it sounds though, you just have to be smart about it and time everything perfectly, including blocking. Mag owning is very true, IMO, 1 on 1. Storm is just as good, and sentinel has range and keepaway on mag. Strider, is nothing without an assist. So, overall, I would say it comes down to how skilled you are, and mixup indeed is very good, but I believe that clockw0rk knows how to handle even storms and give a good fight. Yes mags’ rushdown owns tronne and doom assists, but sometimes you can escape just by sj at the right time. If you have seen that one match where clockw0rk owned soo with strider/sentinel/doom against mag/cable/psylocke, you should check it out. Pretty awesome on what strider can do. I’m not sure where you can find it, but I went to , search for “ares”, then download it. Then, you click search, and search for “clockw0rk” Then download the video. Thanks and peace for now.

yea i get what youre saying and i am s\d player its just one hit and the match could be over if you dont have the doom assist or the oroborus going its hard not to get crossed up or catch an infinite

ive seen some clorkwork vids and i think my strat is a little different hes a little safer than i am which is probably why i lose alot of the time getting happy with the teleports or not paying attention to the tri jumps the key to winning w\ strider is being able to block those tri jumps its damn near impossible to have a meter everytime your lock down string ends

IF strider is played perfect yes it is hard to get him out of there but one super against any top tier team such as MSP and its s\d is done thus having a good 3rd is essential but i dont think i need to explain that to those who play s\d

also most people have played a solid S\D team and they can recognize the trap patterns so you have to stay fresh with the setups or do them random

s\d\mag is usually the team i go with mag builds the meter and causes a little havoc then snap in strider if strider gets low snap in mag and let it start again i used to play s\d\cable but that kept on getting owned mag is a team by himself plus it gives me a chance to set a tempo of the match but we all know that can change at any moment

but i do agree with you about storm being the hardest if that bitch couldnt float it wouldnt be a problem

I think c.lp is better then c. lk. lp is faster. By the way, the bombxxorbs is moer reliable then most people think.
Out of all of the top 4, I think mag is the easiest. You basically lose to any character with strider if you get hit once, expecially by the top 4. So mag doing a 1-hit-kill isn’t much of a difference then what the other characters can do to you. Plus unlike everyone else, mag MUST get it on you and if the person at least a descent strider player, many magnetos will have a bunch of problems getting in on him. Good thread :

Be careful out there.

I was playing strider vs. strider and on the startup and the and c.lp hit and both characters got stunned. Maybe he delayed his lp slightyly, but I’m not sure. Strider’s is faster than j.lp because it goes lower, I’m going to do a test later. is faster but j.lp works against mag i sometimes trade a trijump HK with a j.lp

good point 1 hit from any top tier is death for strider but i still think cable is the easiet of the tiers for strider to get around and bombxxoro’s rock the damage is crazy but 4 panthers > 1 bomb i guess it all depends on how you fight and when you choose to do a setup

different people differnet strats

more often than not i do pwn mag and i agree that it has to be on you but isnt that what assists are for if he cant get on you mag will wait till you call doom call out an assist to counter doom and then start the mag shit but if you call out doom right that wont happen or have a good escape plan so many variables here it can go either way really

I checked the frame data. cr.lp is Strider’s fastest move.

Thanks for the info ill add that.

Any more would be nice

Here, compare the data here and that’ll let you know what Strider can and cannot beat.

I know Cable is easy, but he can punish your mistakes better then magneto can.
About mag. If he waits until you call Doom all you have to do is activate orbs and he’ll start running again. when you finish a set of the trap, or when orbs is finished you just throw more things on the screen and when he seems like he is starting to get dangerously close or in an uncomfortable position, thats when you do orbs again. Haha, you can also jump back, call Doom and do j.hps.

really depends a lot on meters and assists as to which is the easiest or most difficult match up. i think storm is always the most difficult if they know what theyre doing. cable with 1 or no bars is probably the easiest to beat down. especially if you have a lot of meter. a loaded cable and strider with 1 or no bars is not fun at all, theres not much you can do at all. sent, eh. can really swing either way. same with mags. mag vs strider ends quickly one way or the other.

I really wouldnt trust that, because sentinel’s j.lp beats out almost everything.

im pretty sure striders standing jab will beat sent jump jab, dont quote me on that though. it should hit him out of the air before hes able to get over the standing jab hit box. if we’re talking point blank range, like the start of a round im 90 percent sure strider standing jab will beat sent jump jab everytime. im still hella rusty on this game though been playin too much tk5 :encore:

The only reason that chart is not 100% is because of the classic Marvel glitchiness. So, every now and then you’ll get beat by moves that shouldn’t beat you (especially if it’s Storm/Sent). But it’s about 95%. Remember, it’s not factoring in range but rather the speed of which the attack animation occurs. However, I just try to keep Sentinel’s and Storm’s stuff memorized because Strider beats almost anybody else.

you know right now im still REALLY rusty. but i dont even mess around trying to attack the top tier characters unless i have orbs. i will maneuver myself and look for openings but as far as just poking during random encounters its just my experiance that even if strider gets in his c+jab that at best hes taking maybe 30,35 percent of their life away. on the other end of it if he eats cable, storm or mag c+attack its game over. doesnt seem like a good trade off. im just turtling till i have orbs until i get my sea legs back lol

pantherxxorbs owns.

I hope you know, in the level 1 damage settings, Strider/Doom is considered a God tier. Top 4.

i’m guessing it’s cuz since damage is reduced, strider takes hits better. but chip damage is the same, so he essentially deals out more damage (?)