COMPLETE ! - wood working - lots of pics! not really related but nice technique


i just had to postthis.

so after all the years i’ve been hanging out here i gained lots of knowledge from the helpful people like kaytrim and toodles and such. wood cutting, soldering, etc.

on that note, without all that help i never would’ve been able to make any of the arcade sticks i’ve made over the years or even attempt to make this. this is going to be a practice amp for my 4 string bass. i have a few amps but i wanted a new box for a few subs i had thrown around. i designed the box and had a friend do all the calculations for dimensions and airspace. he also did it up in sketchup and calculated how many kerf cuts i would need.

the bending technique is called a kerf cut - which is something i just discovered last week but has been in use forever. always learning :slight_smile:

had i used a 1/8th thick blade i would have only needed 9 cuts per section. instead i needed 29x3 = 87 cuts total since i used a craftsman mini circular which has a total thickness of about nothing.

comment away!

here’s the flickr stream.

so finally after about two weeks, here is the final completed piece.

porthole. rounded over looking sexi.

terminal cup hole cutout.

here it is! all coated with herculiner truck bed liner. expensive, like $30 a quart.

here’s the terminal cup with the 1/4" jack for my basshead. everything is wired to function. i can put this into a car if i wanted.

i know it’s not the best driver, but these jensens are all i had.

anyone have a good basshead that’s atleast 200w? :stuck_out_tongue: this driver can do a max of 400w but i’m not sure if i want to push it to the max. that, and well i don’t have $800+ for a basshead that can do that much


thats badass dude… seriously


ok here are some updated pics. i did the front and back last night but barely put them on this morning. i’ll be using a trim but to cut them down to size for a nice even flush. the hole for the speaker and the port and the connection holes will all be cut today. hopefully i can find a nice little jigsaw for not so much at homedepot or something. so far i’m enjoying this project, and since this is just my first build of a speaker box i’ve already learned so much - the second one will be cake :slight_smile:

on this last one you can see i wen’t a little overboard in determining where to place the woodscrews. the second time i only used 8 and no problems.


Great job!


im lovin this…

pic of the speaker that youll be throwin in?


That is gonna look sweet once you’re done.


You can actually buy wood precut like this. I used it to make a rotary DVD holder (that ended up being HUGE and impractical). This looks quite nice though, the precut stuff tends to have the cuts all along the length though so for this what you’re doing is probably more practical.


Kind of reminds me of my fathers business.

Wish I could think of a good(practical) way of making a stick out of his stuff. Oh well…at least I get free mdf!


does anyone know what a cool outside liner would be? i was thinking something like you see on lots of modern office desks/furniture. it kind of almost feels like a mame marquee but way more durable. i don’t know what it’s called but it has an adhesive back usually.


HPL (High Pressure Laminate)?


thanks for the reply fellas, but i decided to go with herculiner truck bed liner. awesome stuff btw.

now that i know how i did this box and what i could’ve done differently, i’m guessing the next one will be cake.

total build time about 5-6 hrs over a two week period. it’s so hot here that i could only work on it about 1/2 hr a day. herculiner cure time not factored into total time :stuck_out_tongue:


youre eventually gonna blow that speaker… its not meant for musical instruments.

the box came out really nice though.

I have a few bass heads… none that ill part with though :wink:

check ebay… you can pick up some nice equipment for cheap if youre patient.

seriously though… you should put a true bass loudspeaker in there, maybe something along the line of Eminence, EV or Crown.

shoot me a PM and we can discuss some amp options.


i know i’ll eventual destroy this speaker - but this was more like a test to see if i could this design.

thanks for the responses.


nice work!


New accounts coming out of the woodworks it seems, furniture must be big business. Currently sitting behind my IKEA desk, no idea which one and I am fairly happy. Seems to be discontinued since I cant find it on on the website. Just a tip, make sure it has an overhead shelf and is fairly wide. The overhead shelf to get rid of desk clutter and the width in case you want more monitors. Running three monitors on the height adjustable desks, its pretty good, no aftermarket stand either.


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