Complete Yun Crossup Thread

Hey guys,

Following off of the GJ you did with zenpotenshin thread, let’s start one for character specific crossups

Which characters can be crossed up and how (walk, dash, UOH, opponent etc.) and if the opponent rolls how this effects it

I again can’t really help. I know for dudley you can walk crossup, chunli can UOH crossup … but i’ll leave it to the pros

cool let me know what you find

ok, I found little stuff about crossups but should be useful
I tested a lot of things by myself as well, so I’ll list everything:

|-UOH crossup:
(Yun must be very close, preferrably walking on opponent’s frame, or post dive kick approach, works best on corner):

-Works facing opponent’s feet: Oro

-Works facing opponent’s head: Shotos, Makoto, Urien, Oro, Remy (midscreen only)

-Works on quick standing(rolling towards yun): everyone but Ibuki (and Twins, Remy and Q on corner)
(rolling back on corner): Urien, Necro, Twelve, Oro, Makoto

-Works in any situation: Chun li, Elena

-Won’t work at all: Ibuki

|-Dash Crossup:

-Works on quick standing everyone on midscreen, everyone but Twins, Ibuki, Remy and Q on corner
Any lunge punch and mp or hp shoulder can be used like the dash for QS crossups(watch for frame advantage though, fast quick standers may punish you)

|-Air Target combo Crossup:

-Launcher mk, SJC, lp, f.hp, land, walk forward can crossup everyone but Dudley

|-Dive kick Crossup:

-Aiming the dive kick to the QS roll animation of any character can crossup (except twins, ibuki, remy and Q on corner)

tha’t s all I found for now

this stuff is helpful thx