Complete Zenpotenshin thread

Um… someone should help me out here…

someone should ask a question to direct us where you need help otherwise we can’t help you

while a long ranged and kara that shit, my friend.

kara zenpo?

double tap HK while doing it, tap the first one at down back, then the 2nd at back.

sorry not kara zenpo… just a zenpo guide for all characters without genei jin

including all the extra moves that can be performed on walk-up characters (eg. Hugo, Ibuki, twelve etc.)

hmm I know these:


Zenpou tenshin…
-SAI or II (big damage scaling…), mp lunge punch (won’t work on Urien), mp lunge punch (work on every one, but less damaging)
-st.lp/lk, lp lunge punch (it exists…)
-mp target combo (mp, hp, b.hp) (big characters only)
-mp target combo, GJ activation (mp, hp, wait, GJ)
-launcher mk, hp lunge punch/hk upkicks (chun li, makoto, Q)
-(in corner), launcher mk, lp shoulder xx SAI or SAIII (chun li, makoto, Q)
-(in corner), launcher mk,, lk upkicks (chun li, makoto, Q)
-any upkicks (won’t work on elena)
-EX upkicks, hp lunge punch (won’t work on elena), EX shoulder (everyone but urien, if directed to corner, follow with lp lunge punch), EX shoulder (urien version)

Advanced (Thanks to Billy Kane’s blog for most of them):
Zenpou tenshin…
-walk up, mp target combo (everyone)
-walk up,,, lp lunge punch (for oro/alex/remy)
-walk up, cr.mpx2,, lp lunge punch (makoto/chun li)
-walk up,, crouching target combo (, cr.hp)(makoto/chun li)
-walk up, cr.mpx2, mp lunge punch (twelve/hugo)
-walk up, cr.mpx2, EX shoulder (twelve/hugo)(lp lunge if directed to corner)
-walk up,, hk upkicks (dudley/ibuki)
-walk up, launcher mk, hp lunge punch/hk upkicks (dudley/ibuki/twelve)
-(in corner), launcher mk, f.hp, kara lp lunge punch (chun li/makoto/Q)
-(in corner), walk up, launcher mk, f.hp, kara lp lunge punch (dudley/ibuki/twelve)
-(in corner), walk up, launcher mk,, lk upkicks (dudley/ibuki/twelve)
-walk up,, mk upkicks (urien)
-walk up, st.lp,, delay, lk upkicks,, mk upkicks (Q)
-walk up, 123 xx hp lunge/hk high kicks/(lp shoulder)GJ (Q/dudley/ibuki/chun li/makoto)

*in place of any lunge punch, SAI or SAII may be used as well
*EX follow-ups are only useful to end a round or when you play SAII (I do, when playing alex and sometimes urien, to get through aegis, lol)

Using Zenpou Tenshin:

Zenpou tenshin is a good tool for mix-ups and to get some good knockdowns

SGGK zenpou tenshin is the option select set-up zenpou tenshin which works like this(thanks again Billy kane):
-forward, down, neutral, mk, back, lk~lp (optional superjump cancel GJ)
since zenpou can be done without any diagonals, you can use the motions for option parrying
if you parry something, a mk launcher will come out (with bar, beef GJ combo too)
if nothing comes out, you’ll grab the opponent with zenpou tenshin
if opponent tries to throw you, you’ll tech throw

Set-ups I most use: or hit), walk up, zenpou tenshin/SGGK zenpou (can grab advancing non-1frame startup reversal SA) or hit), walk up, zenpou tenshin/SGGK zenpou (can grab advancing non-1frame startup reversal SA)
-forward jump hk/hp/lk, zenpou tenshin/SGGK zenpou
-whiff st. close mp/mk/hp/hk on fallen opponent, zenpou tenshin/SGGK zenpou on wake up (risky)
-Dive kick (hit/blocked), zenpou tenshin/SGGK zenpou (risky)
-Whiffed dive kick/lunge punch, zenpou tenshin/SGGK zenpou (risky, for parry happy people)
-Whiffed, kara zenpou tenshin
-launcher mk, super jump cancel, air target combo(lp, f.hp), zenpou tenshin/SGGK zenpou(very good one)

EX follow-ups are only useful to end a round or when you play SAII

hope it helps

Any tips on the kara zenpou ? I try to do it quick hcb motion and lk~hk.
I can barely hit it 1/10, pretty bad ;_;

thanx all this is good stuff :slight_smile:

kara zenpou is ridiculously tough (IMO), and its so inconsistent for me that I don’t even try to do it in matches. Your timing has to be super strict, and theres no room for error, cuz if you mistime the lk you’ll just get the lk zenpou.

SGGK is insane… anyone have a vid of it being used more than once in a match?

Check Saru and OTB videos, every zenpou tenshin attempt/success, or low parry to something is SGGK

there’s a nitto yun mirror match as well, that he lands 3 SGGK zenpou tenshin on consecutive wake ups

is the nitto mirror match verse saru or otb?

btw, this version can’t be kara-ed right?

I couldn’t find it again…sorry mate
but it’s a KSK ranbat final or semifinal, and the other yun may be OTB, Matsuda or Boss

the SGGK version can be kara’ed, if you do F, (mk)QCB+lk(or, but if you get a parry, the first kara input will come out instead of the mk launcher

sometimes, since I use lk for the zenpou kara (and it almost never works due to difficulty), the lk connects after the parry and you can lp lunge on reaction.
it’s not so bad, but I prefer beef GJ, hehe

I kara zenpou by drumming across the kicks

I’ve think I’ve come up w/ a way to increase your chances to perform a Kara Zenpo.

Normally I would do your typical F,DF,(c.HK),D,DB B + LK and ocassionally I’d pop one out.

Today however I just randomly kept doing F,DF,(c.HK),D,DB B + Throw(LP+LK)

and low and behold my Kara-Zenpo success rate nearly tripled.

If anyone else can try this method and confirm it would be much appreciated!

I think we got something going here…I hope!