Completely Confuzzled

Ok, anyways, ive been playing makoto for a good 3-4 weeks, learned alot with her since my friend has a good makoto, but he went out of town for the week and i have one question, now before i ask just know that i read all the makoto stuff in the sticky thread, but i keep getting confused and lost…

How do you execute the Lightkick Cancel QCBK Grab…
I See it gives some sort of extra range?

Sorry if it was blaintly obvious, i just read threw it so much to find nothing.
Im Blind.

The easiest way to do it imo is hit LK and immediately swing the stick 180 or for your sakes just a little more and press whatever kick button you like to use, which for me is usually MK or HK for the “karakarakusa.” The motion is HCB K for grab. After hitting LK you must immediately do the command grab motion because you are cancelling her LK animation.

Just try to do it really fast.


uhh, so just hit LK and do the grab quickly?

“do it as fast as you can” is truly an exaggeration. people tend to give this advice for any kind of kara, and I think it’s poor advice every time I hear it, because I heeded this advice when I learned how to do karas, and my number one obstacle for executing karas became doing them much, much too fast.

if you’re not sure of how the timing should go, try doing a hayate kara (neutral stick -> lk -> QCF punch). the timing is about 1/6 of a second apart (360 BPM if you’re familiar with music), so the button taps are very distinct from each other. kara-karakusa is rather fast, however, but once I learned the timing I had no problems executing them on stick afterwards. the action is (neutral stick -> lk -> back-to-forward (e.g. HCF) -> kick). using hk gives you the most extra range

trying way too hard… just do it fast and have the hcb+kick input done by the time your finishes. there is no doing this kara “too fast”… It HAS to be fast.

what I’m trying to say is it’s possible to do it too fast. if you try to cancel the lk before the right time (when her knee is at the highest point), then nothing comes out. this is the reason it took me a long time to learn this kara.

i got it down now :slight_smile: thanks guys, its ez pie.