Completely new to fighting games? Play Blazblue Continuum shift!


If you are completely new to fighting games, give Blazeblue: Continuum Shift a try. The new Tutorial Mode “is most perfectly suited to persons unfamiliar with fighting games, persons incapable of performing combos, and infants.” (Quoted from the first lesson “About Beginner Mode”)

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Tutorial Class Select
[*]About Beginner Mode - about a new mode added to the game to simplify execution, only relevant to Continuum Shift players who wish to use it

[*]Rules and Moving your Character - covers the rules of this particular game, but many apply to Street Fighter, Capcom vs, Melty, etc. The most important part of this lesson is how to move. In Blazblue, characters can crouch, walk forward and back, dash forward and back, and jump. Most can double jump and air dash (i.e. Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Melty Blood), and one can triple jump.

[*]About Character Attacks - teaches one about normals and the difference of command normals (i.e. :r: :snkb:). Also covers the games “Revolver action” combos, which are similar to magic series combos (as seen in Marvel vs Capcom and Tatsunoko vs Capcom) and target combos (Street Fighter 3 and Street Fighter 4).

[*]About Character Defenses - demonstrates standing and crouching blocking as well as air blocking (like Marvel vs Capcom 2)

[]About Canceling and Special Attacks - goes over jump canceling (as seen by C. Viper, Ibuki), dash canceling, special attacks and how to cancel into them
]About the Heat Gauge - the gauge is similar to the super bar in Street Fighter (and similar bars in other fighting games) and covers the use of meter consuming super moves as well as “rapid cancel” (similar to, but much simpler than FADC). Also teaches counter assualt, but at the most I can’t think about another game that has a similar system (maybe Killer instinct or Mortal Kombat vs DC)
[]About Defense Techniques - teaches quick wake-up and “teching” throws, also a mechanic similar to parry (Street Fighter 3) and Just Defend (Garou, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
]Special System Mechanics (Part 1) - Guard Crush, Bursting (Tatsunoko vs Capcom),
[]Special System Mechanics (Part 2)
]About Counters
[*]Other System Mechanics

[]About Spacing and Anti-Air - important for any fighting game
]About Mix-ups and Wake-up Game - important for any fighting game
[*]Other Powerful Tactics - preventing opponent to use their burst?

[*](Strategies on characters in the game, not particularly relevent to this thread unless Blazeblue: Continuum Shift will be your game)

The Tutorial Mode of Continuum Shift is the most comprehensive teaching tool for fighting games in a fighting game I’ve seen. If one really pays attention to what’s going on, lessons learned can be applied to any fighting game of your choice.


Will I get to be a superstar? Will I get a manager that wears a power glove? I want to be on mtv that might be a deal breaker.


Defnitely a step in the right direction to getting new players into fighters

I feel like aside from all of the hate BB gets they have been trying really hard to make their game as good as it can be with their good netcode and now this very comprehensive tutorial


Good. I play SSF4 currently, and I want to get good at Blazblue, so this tutorial will really help me since I have no idea how the game works. If only my town would get the damn game in stock…


all i can say BBCS is a must for any new player coming to fighting genre


i agree bb is a good beginner’s fighting game

i bought sf4, hated it, bought bb ct and loved it. then moved back to ssf4 and love it


considering SF4s trial mode was supposed to be some kind of training tool for newbies to learn stuff, it failed pretty damn miserably.

the only bad thing i can say about BB’s training mode, is theres a LOT of info there, i can easily see it being overwhelming for new players to the fightting genre. it certainly was for me, and ive been playing for 15 years!


SSF4’s Trial mode is so awful it’s depressing. Didn’t play SF4 or do it’s trials? Good luck trying to translate what some of the later trials are asking for.

Don’t know how to do an EX Focus, an FADC, or how to Dash Cancel a Focus Attack animation? You will not finish some of these trials, because nothing tells you how to do it.

Every FG from here on should take BB:CS as an example of how a tutorial mode should be done.


you could read the manual, it goes over all of those system mechanics.

Though I admit it is really stupid what they did with the trial mode.


why did this thread get bumped? necro posting ftl


Or you can save time and money and just watch this:


BB Continuum Shift VS Calamity Trigger

I was looking to get into the Blazblue franchise. Is the second one really that much better? It is almost twice the price.


Yes, CS is that much better.

And nobody plays CT anymore anyway.


i think it should be more like, new to fighters? go try BB tutorial mode and then switch to some other fighter. honestly i havent played BB in a while but that game is just ridiculous. the gap between the players are so significant. i understand its easy to pick up. but i say sf4 is easier in the long run. sf4 you have that come back factor. in BB you play someone good and you get dominated and i find its so crucial to get maximum dmg and ideal position for BB everytime to set up your next oki shit.
if you want to learn good basics, get a friend (ideally better than you) play ryu mirror, and learn footsies by minimizing your jumping as much as possible. dont mash and all that crap and really try and figure out your spacing, and figure out how far can my normals really reach.
if you’ve watched excellent adventures. there was one episode where they tried to win with one button and mike just round housed with bison all day. although its trolling it shows how much you know your spacing.
another idea play online and dont do anything but block, anti-air, tech grabs and punish stuff for 99 seconds and see how far you can get with that.
lastly i find BB community is weak in general so its hard to research stuff compared to SF where basically most questions are answered here on srk and u just need to find it


BlazeBlue is very retro. Also the combos are a tad more complicated, took me awhile to figure them out but then I was able to do about 40% or more damage with Bang. This game isn’t very tactical or beginner friendly. I got it because it was anime but traded it in for something else some time ago.


blazblue was hard for me to pick up but i’ll admit the tutorial section in the game was extremely well made


I’ve been a fighter player for a long time. I got curious about this game and bought it the other day. It took a few minutes to get the hang of it. It seems easier to combo in this game than SSFIV.