Completely new to fighting games!

So, I’ve always liked fighting games per say but I’ve never played them to get better. just button mashed with friends and what not. but recently, I started to play MvC3 and I liked it, so I bought a fight stick and started practicing, watching videos, etc. and after watching evo this year, I’ve decided to really get involved in my scene but don’t know where to start

any tips?

You can get started by hitting up other locals in your area:

There are about 3-4 Missouri threads. Don’t know crap about how close St. Louis is to any of them tho lol.

Find characters you like to play, and invest time in learning them. Training mode, watching high level plays, and playing against people is the best way to master the genre. Don’t get discouraged. You will lose. Try to take away lessons from every match. Remember it’s just a game!

thanks I’ve been training with Tron Wesker and Doom, so I’m trying not to suck with them lol

Then don’t forget to visit and participate in each of their character forums!! UMVC3 is coming up, so now is the perfect time to discuss their balance changes/post anything you find out.

thanks man ill definitely try and get together with my local scene and get better :slight_smile:

I’ve been running into people lately putting Tron on point, a decision I never understood. Tron is not a very good point character, because of her low damage & large hitbox. Where she really shines is as an assist character, with arguably one of the best assists in the game “Gustaff Fire”. Your team could really benefit from it with an order change like Wesker/Doom/Tron

her damage is always quite good. several loops, a command throw which can be otg’d out of, beastly with xf and very damaging supers, plus dhc power.

I understand what your saying. I’m not saying she’s a bad character, I’m just saying that there are a lot of better point characters. By having tron go last you can use her amazing assist, she can use the left over meter gained, and she gets Lv 3 X-Factor.