Completely new to fighting games


Hi everyone, after watching some of evo i’ve gained some interest in fighting games. Currently I have ordered blazblue:cse and kof13 and will be coming in the mail soon, so I have a few questions.
I have found some resources for blazblue such as dustloop and tutorials by xie, so I was wondering if there were any thorough tutorials for kof13 for complete newbies like me?
Should I be looking to purchase a fighting stick, or should I use my gamepad?
Your help is much appreciated :slight_smile:



And there’s a whole lot more, but this came to mind.

Also, play pad if you feel comfortable with it, just get a good pad eg. not xb360 default, horrible dpad, ugh.


ah forgot to say that I will be playing on the ps3, it should be fine right?
thanks for the video. Are any parts irrelevant? (since it seems like its a tutorial for kof12 if im not mistaken; or are they very similar games?).


If you’re just starting out, a pad should be fine for learning the basics (BlazBlue and KOFXIII only use 4 buttons anyway)


Dualshock 3 is fine, altough it being wireless can get you in trouble in tournaments.

The tutorial is for kof games in general, it outlines the basics of each game and how the flow of the game goes. You can ignore all the XII specific stufff, but the rest is all valid even in XIII.


The wiki on this site for KOF XIII is really good stuff to learn from. It has both vids and written instructions to get you started. You’ll see it in the small banner on the home page that says “Strategy Guides” on the left of it.


If you have a DualShock 2 (PS2 controller), for the love of God, get a PS2>USB converter for like $10. If not, invest in a low-cost fight pad. The Hori Fighting Commander is $34.99 in Amazon.


I have a dualshock 2 and converter (2 of them in fact!), what’s the difference between ds2 and ds3 besides it being wired?


Latency. Plus wireless & tournaments don’t exactly work well.


This. To elaborate, many large tournaments ban wireless controllers with the exception of those using a dongle to prevent the issues that can arise if someone doesn’t properly de-sync a controller (just turning it off is not enough), e.g. the interruption of tournament matches.

It should also be pointed out that some converter models will add latency as well; e.g. the particular model of converter makes a difference.

Oh, and the DS2 has better L2/R2 triggers for the purposes of fighting games (and most everything else).