Completely new to SF should i main akuma?



scratch that i won like 2 matches, but do you guys think its a good idea to start off with him ?


No. Too hard to use and too much investment required. Either use a character you find fun or simply gravitate towards the strongest character in the next version, so possibly Viper, Sakura or Sagat.


do you use Akuma? sorry for being such a noob but why is he hard to use and what do people invest their time in when they are trying to pick him up?


What an odd question. Yes? If you want to, you should. Difficulty shouldn’t really factor in unless you just need to win tomorrow. Akuma is a great choice - not exactly beginner friendly but I’ve always been of the opinion if you wanna learn a char nothing quite does it like playing the char.


He is hard to use for the following reasons:

  • Above average to difficult execution on many of his setups and advanced combos

  • Low life and average damage output makes pressuring riskier than others and mistakes get punished alot harder

  • Character specific setups force you to memorize a great deal of options, some which are useless in many matches

  • Low active frames and small hitboxes on virtually all his normals force you to always be on point with pokes and spacing control

  • Very few useful true blockstrings and none from footsie range

Don’t get me wrong the character has advantages as well, but the difficulty of use and the amount of memorization required could be very frustrating and not very fun. If you just want to play casually, then it doesn’t mater who you use. If you want to get competitive they will be superior choices in 2012 that require much less investment.


For a complete novice, I’d say go with Ryu, you get to know the basics and don’t just get trashed by mashers because your health is horrendous. You also get some very easy setups into Ultra, which are very satisfying when you start playing (losing in a couple combo = +++ frustration for a beginner)

Once you get better, if the game still hooks you and the shoto style fits you (or simply you don’t find any character you like more - something entirely possible, as you explore the game), give Akuma a try.


I’ll say I started with Akuma from day one after having some experience with super turbo and I will say he is a rewarding character to play, but you need to have the mentality where you won’t let a couple bad matches put you down or else you will get frustrated very quickly.

Play who you like, but be warned if you do play Akuma you need to be in it for the long haul.


Very hard to use. Do it if you’re willing to invest the time and energy. Otherwise, I’d recommend Ken or Ryu for your shoto needs. :slight_smile:


You should main who you like. If you don’t enjoy the style or character design, it will be harder to motivate yourself to get better. But that’s just me.


alright man i’ll put him on hold for now, who do you think Balrog is a good character and noob friendly?


if you’re a short tampered person don’t start with gouki, but if you dont get frustrated after hard beatdowns over and over you can give it a chance. well prepare for taunts and humiliations as well(online scrubs). but i personally think gouki is a rewarding char when you use him properly, you will destroy those w/ no sense.


Rog is actually a very good character to start out with. He has very strong footsies and needs to block on his wakeup alot because he has no free outs, which will teach you how to become strong in your fundamentals.

Once you learn him if you find he isn’t fun or whatever you can look at somebody new.


I started out with Akuma and this was the first fighting game I ever took seriously, I say use whichever character you like at the beginning whether based on their playstyle, they seem cool to you…etc. You can pick Akuma now, if it’s too frustrating (he has low health) it’ll not be the end of the world to drop him and try someone else.

After all you’re new to SF and it’s going to take you a good amount of time to just see how different characters play (from defensive based such as Guile/Dhalsim or offensive rushdown such as Rufus/Cammy, balanced such as Ryu or mixup based like Abel, Seth or Akuma) and finally decide who suits you best to main him/her.


i say, main gouki and don’t give up. you won’t be regretful in the end.


yeah man fuck it… im maining akuma and i dont give a fuck what anyone say, il use balrog as secondary cus i got love for that big black mofucka lol… what combos do you recomend me to get down first? I can already get
jump.hardkick~stand.hardpunch~hurricankick, DP like 75% of the time


And he’s easier to use for the following reasons.

-Solid AA

-Superieur zoning game

-Has multiple viable wake-up options

-A few of the easiet BnB’s

-Pretty good footsie game

Your points are almost competely useless when talking about a complete novice. You seem to focus more on intermediate play than beginners. Gouki is great for learning the fundamentals and later on he can focus of character specific combos and such. Right now he has to focus and nailing combos, basic spacing and zoning and not the more advanced stuff.

Also his set-ups and advanced combos arent hard at all, unless you use U2 in certain combos, but its not like people actually use it (do they?)


welcome to club then. :slight_smile: firstly you should practice light attacks to a combo like; c.lp-c.lp,>ex hadou or ex hurricane kick for crouching opponents. if you can hit confirm the crouching light punch you can go for; c.lp, st. hp->h.dp this works on crouching opponents again. i say use your down fierce(cr.hp) for anti air instead of dragon punch since its a great tool to keep opponent away and less punishable if you do it at wrong time. since you can do that combo %75 of the time use it for punishing your opponents big mistakes.(st.hp-light hurricane-dp)


Don’t use Akuma if you plan on playing most of your matches online.


Easier to use than who? The games worst characters? Sure, but most good characters are much easier to use than Akuma.

Evey decent character has some form of solid AA.

Only at high levels, which is hardly relevant to a novice.

He has a strong wake up no doubt, but a novice would do better learning how to deal with pressure than avoid it.

Easier than who?

The fact is Akuma’s BnB is no easier than 80% of the cast and is stand specific. Akuma has only 2 ways of forcing stand from a crouch jab and both are execution difficult and require two bars.

If they are ducked you need to use meter for mediocre damage.

His footsies are good at high levels. Starting out his tiny hit boxes and low active frames won’t make playing footsies with Ryu/Rog/Bison/whoever has great normals very fun.

Unfortunately not only are you completely wrong, your points are highly misleading.


I think we’re not on the same page on some points.
-When I said Gouki was easier to use i meant execution wise and general strategy, not taking footsies into account.
-When I said solid AA I took situational AA’s into account. SRK pretty much covers all angles except the cross-up angle, wich can be stopped by cr Fierce. So timing and choice of AA has less weight on Gouki than Guile for instance.

But I still think he has superiour zoning and that its not limited to the higher lvls. Especially the air hado makes decision-making easier on a scrub.