Complicated AV request


I was wondering if someone can make this AV for me. Hopefully it won’t be that hard. I’m kind of asking for a lot so do what you can.

What I would like is a pic of “the end of time” from the SNES game Chrono Trigger. What I would like is for you to get the area where gaspar is standing. I want you to keep it animated. The only thing that is animated is the light from the light post, a save point, two other sparkle points and gasper’s little head moving up and down with a sleep bubble coming out of it. I also want you to add my name somewhere in it and the pharse “more than a man, less then a god” fading in and out. Thanks in advance.



Never played CT, so no clue to what you’re talking about. Plus, somebody needs to rip those scenes, I’m sure.