Component cable question

My PS3 and X-BOX 360 are connected to my HDTV through a system selector. When I play I notice some faint flashing. My Wii is also connected but I don’t see anything. Does anybody know if it’s the cables, the system selector, or the TV? Anybody know any possible solutions?

HD system selectors tend to have lines at the top of the screen when you use them. Are you using the pelican one? I had the same problem with it. Also for the Wii if you have a port on your TV that says CVI plug the Wii into that instead of HD it should be fine.

Yeah I have the pelican one. My Wii doesn’t have any problems.

Oh then like i said the problem might be the fact it’s in full HD over standard component. Try lowering the resolution. Like i said i had the same problem with mine so i just decided to stop using it.

Thanks, it fixed it!