Component on CRT

So some time ago I picked up an Sony Trinitron off of Craigslist. It has component in as well as S-video. S-video works fine but when I plug in something through component I get a black and white diagonal mess of a screen. I though it’d just gotten a TV with jacked up inputs. My friends were going to be giving away their Trinitron so I was going to switch TVs with them. I took my system over there to test but I got the same results.

So I’m thinking there must not be a problem with the TV but rather something is off with my setup somehow. Regrettably I only have the one multi system component cable, but I’ve tried outputting component from my Wii and PS2 and I’ve gotten the same results with both.

Any assistance with this issue would be appreciated.

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You may be outputting at a resolution not supported by your TV. Try turning the resolution down to 480i or lower.

480i is going to be the lowest selectable resolution.

Could you also take pictures of your cable and the inputs you’re using on the TV? I’ve run into sometimes Sony using different colors on their inputs than the cable. Make sure that’s not goofing you up.

I’m face palming so hard right now. I didn’t realized my Wii was set to 480p since I’d had it hooked up to an HD TV. It never even clicked in my mind until I read SmokemaxX’ response. I switched it to 480i, 4:3 mode, hooked it up to my Trinitron and I’ve got picture now!

Now for the PS2…

for ps2, did you try to switch color mode from RGB to YPbPr in the ps2’s main menu?

Double success! Turns out the PS2 was set to RGB instead of “Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr”. The odd thing is that my HD TV won’t display a picture from my PS2 with those settings, but my Trinitron will. That said, I’m certain my HD TV can take a 480i signal since it still displayed a picture from the Wii with that setting.

Whatever, now I can play Wii and Game Cube games through component with my Wii and PS2 and PS1 games through component with my PS2.


Glad I was able to help. I have a Sony Tritron as well. Great TV and the only CRT I won’t get rid of haha. I had trouble using component on there until I realized I had to decrease the resolution.

I had a good CRT until the picture started to fade substantially and the tube was about to fail.
And it can be hard to source a good, new Working CRT Monitor or TV

You sure? I never had to do this.

haha my bad, i was thinking the other way around

They can definitely accept 480i/480p. If it’s an HD model, it can also run 720p/1080i. I don’t think they downscale 1080p, and they certainly don’t display it.

But yeah, looks like you already figured out the problem.

You can still grab hd crts anywhere on craigslist for basically nothing. But yeah, a lot of them have significant problems as they age. Sadly they won’t ever return to the consumer market, but with new tv tech they don’t really need to either. They’re just too heavy to ship/expensive to make/difficult to store and maintain/too delicate in various ways/limited in size by the weight of glass.

"But yeah, a lot of them have significant problems as they age."
and that is my issue, but I settled for a regular HD TV as I don’t need a 2nd screen just for reto games

Actually, a lot of 4:3 Sony’s do NOT accept 480p, even if they are flat face CRT’s or “WEGA’s.” In fact, just about anything that is able to display real 240p without upscaling (meaning anything suitable for retro gaming) does not accept 480p.

There are a few monitors that can properly display both 240p and 480p (few that also can do 1080p) but those screens are very rare commercial/industrial model monitors used by professional video editors who work for the Television industry. And I am not talking about your local ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox or PBS affiliate stations either, we are talking Big time Studios. These Monitors are largely use for work upconverting older video and film footage to HD standards, like converting the Original Star Trek from the original 16mm negatives to 1080p for bluray.

So what are we going to do when all the CRTs that are out there in the wild start dying off? Granted, a good CRT can last for decades (just remember the mad old TVs in grandparents’ homes) but they’ll start to go eventually. Will they ever be completely gone or are there industries or something that will still need CRTs kept alive?

What spooks me is seeing arcade cabs replaced with LCD monitors. In some instances it looks okay and in others it’s godawful. Arcade owners are cheap bastards so it has to be more affordable to go LCD when the CRT is failing.

I’ve seen nice CRTs with a manufacture date of 2007. It’s going to be a while before a working one can’t be found.

You can repair the chassis and so forth but indeed the tubes will not last forever.

Yeah, I’ve got a circa 2003 WEGA that’s doesn’t do anything above 480i. At that time, almost no companies made CRTs below 32" that could display 480p. Works nicely for 2D fighters, but for other genres, games have topped out and look painfully similar to those from last gen.

I remember how FEDs were going to combine the display quality and low-cost manufacturing (due to existing equipment) of CRTs with higher resolutions and thinner bodies… then the whole thing was scrapped.