Component Switch Boxes

What is a Best Brand…My brother gave me the PS2 Component Cable, But I only have 1 Component on my TV & That used by the Xbox…Is these good

standard def tv or hdtv? i bought a pretty expensive powered component switcher for my hdtv and noticed some signal degradation, even though the box claimed it would pass a perfect 1080p signal. i returned it and have been just manually switching ever since. i dont know if signal switching is as problematic in standard def though. i used to use a composite switcher on a standard def tv and never had a problem.

I bought a pelican system selector from EB games a couple years back and it has 5 switches on it. 4 are component and composite and one is S-Video and composite. I have my Wii, 360, and PS2 all running through it along with older systems like snes and saturn. I honestly don’t notice any difference when the console is plugged directly into the TV on both HD and SD consoles.

I mean SDTV…Would a Y-Spilter help or would I lose Video Quailty