Component (YPbPr) 1x2 Distribution Amplifier

I’m looking for a good and CHEAP Component (YPbPr) 1x2 Distribution Amplifier…

What is this? Its essentially a powered splitter. Right now I am using standard cheap $2 Y-Cables that I bought at RadioShack; the downside of this is that for the split, I lose 3.5 decibels of quality, which greatly drops the image quality and luminosity. So I’m looking to buy a powered and distributed splitter so that I can get around the quality loss.

Checking on eBay, I a variation of options; but I have some issues with their selections… Most of them are 1x4+ instead of 1x2; I only need to split 1 signal to 2 outputs, not 4 and definately not 8. Ebay has a whole bunch of 1x3, 1x4, 2x6, 2x8 etc options; but not 1x2 that suits my needs. If there is a 1x2, it doesn’t include audio. I dont want to get anything higher than 1x2 because it increases the price.

1 input… 2 output… YPbPr+LR (audio)
Powered distribution amplifier
Dont need AES digital audio…
Support for 720p.

Basically, I am looking for something like this… but in 1x2?

Anyone know of any options?

Heard of Inday? :slight_smile:
I have an Inday HDTV 4x1 Component Video Switcher (Inday RGB4X-R) and it’s excellent.

HDTV Distribution Amplifier ( 2-way splitter): Inday HDDA-2

^ nice stuff.

Check these also as they also split audio. (I have this one)

If you have any experience with electronics you could make one for the price of a couple op amps and some resistors.

Fallback… that VOPEX-HDA-2 distro amp has no lag?

Have you experienced any issues with it, or have any complaints?

Would you recommend that one? Or the other one?

I would also like to know if those products have lag/other issues. I’m interested in the 4-way one.

So I picked this one up…

So far I’m not sensing any lag… but I’m not that good at it…