Composite Video Selector, anybody use one?

I think it’s time I’ve bought a composite video selector box, so I could easily switch to whatever console I want to play without using all the inputs on the back of my TV. Does anyone know of any high quality brands that work well? I want something that lasts a long time and not something that’s going to break after a few months of use.

I know GameStop made a switch box, but it got poor reviews. Anybody happen to use something like this? :smile:

I got one I purchased at a Radio Shack back in 1999. Mechanical selectors generally get a bad rep, but this one has been going strong for nearly 10 years. It’s a radio shack branded one. Back when these things were not-so-easy to find.

This one is probably the updated version of what I have

go to gamestop and get the pelican one for like 10 bucks. lasts forever. also lol at crappy composite

Thanks for the advice, but I read even the pelican had issues (inputs broke easily, bad video quality, etc.) I need it for mostly my older gaming consoles.

You could make your own if you’re wanting some serious old-school feel. Just get a bunch of female RCA jacks, and make a male to male RCA patch cable. Then just do the old telephone operator thing. :slight_smile: Unplug from one input, plug to another input.

That said - the Radio Shack one gets my vote too. I bought one in 1997, and it worked great up until I got my HDTV. In fact, I might still have it lying around here someplace if you really want one.

mine works fine. i’'ve had it for years.