Composure Problems


One of the worst aspects of my game (aside from execution, reaction and game knowledge) is my composure. Although usually I can take a loss, I get easily flustered with losing streaks, especially when I’m playing with my main character. i was wondering if there are any good tips to prevent future ragequitting/stick throwing.


Yes, lose more. Whenever I get on a long losing streak I start playing without a care. That’s the worst thing you can do is lose your cool, not because you look like an ass but you mind closes up, muscles tighten up and vision is affected by it believe it or not. Next time just play without a care in the world, with the full intention of losing. You’ll end up doing something random and laugh which loses you up and your back into fighting shape. Also personally I have a 5 match rule. Assuming you play online if I get on a losing streak in ranked, I’ll play endless. No loss in terms of points and an endless match usually can yield more information than just being randumbed out by some guy. You get an almost immediate chance at a rematch, pick up on his style and learn more against his character. Also don’t be scared to send a message saying “Hey I’m learning mind playing with your main?” But if I find myself losing a lot to the same player, just let him know “GG” in a msg and leave after 5 loses.

It’s kinda like picking up a chick, the more you get rejected, the less affected you are by it and you’re willing to try the next one. You will eventually find one who will fall your “game” just like you will eventually win 1 match. Remember, points are meaningless and your time will come.


Until you know a great deal about the game, tactics, strategies, mixups, combos and the engine itself, taking losses is hard, because you haven’t got any real way to deal with it other than facing it and saying “Damn, this guy’s better than me and that’s all I know”. So most people, including myself when I was still shoddy at it, rationalise it by convincing themselves it was a fluke, and that the opponent sucks, that you’re better than them, and that it wouldn’t happen again…

So when it happens again, whether that be to the same person or not, it pisses you off to no end.

If you lose a match; until you know everything you can about the game, you don’t know enough yet. And that’s not an excuse like “Ohh, well I only lost because I didn’t know about that etc”. It’s something you should learn from and admit to yourself. Though that player may not actually be better than you overall, whatever tactic he surprised you with worked, and it was enough to beat you. In a tourney that may be enough to knock you out.

As much progress as you feel you’re making, no matter how well you feel you’re improving, there’s always going to be some completely unorthodox tactic that you overlooked that gets the best of you. You have streaks where you fight really well against people who are obviously very good, but then you get beat by that one guy, that one son of a bitch playing ken in gold with that damn fuzzy colar thing he has, and he jumps backwards and SRKs no matter what you do and mashes ultra right as you’re going for something that would go unpunished on a better (more sensible) opponent.

Anyway, this was going to be just a short little post, but I guess the main message is;

Admit that you were beaten by it, no matter how cheap, or how lame it was, it beat you. It beat you and you need to learn how to beat it. This coming from a guy who’s raged hard enough to give himself a nose bleed once :slight_smile:


There’s a few things I do when I’m losing a lot and getting angry.

First is to tell my brain to reject the idea that the opponent was garbage. They may well have been, but the point is that it worked for them. So I try to think what a good way to approach that style would be for next time. Thinking critically helps control anger.

Sometimes you lose a lot because you are playing too much. It’s good to take a break sometimes, especially in competetive games. Sometimes I’ll switch games completely for a bit, either go play a diff streetfighter or play a rts.

Or, start playing random for awhile to get away from your main. It can be refeshing.


I usually just keep going, it depends how far you can take it. For me, as of this post, in SSF4 i’m on a 87-88 losing streak and friday I think it was I went 0-50 before I went to sleep. Like what Jin was saying, I was losing like crazy in Blaz Blue about a month ago on XBL, so I switched it up and got back into SF. Loss wise, I can take it, I used to not be able to. But I think after losing a good 100+ fights has completely dulled my sense to rage quitting. I’ll at least quit if im hosting when my turn comes up again, just to be fair to everyone else. Mostly too, I think it’s dulled my winning as well, if I win it’s the same as losing, I kinda don’t care I guess.

But that’s me, everyones different. Just depends on if you can step away and say it’s just a game or not.


I also tend to have anger issues playing this game, however I do not mind losing. I do mind losing to shoryu spammers who then proceed to taunt the next round when I was already like “Alright, let’s go! I’m punishing you fool!” which then enrages me to the point where my game plan goes out the window and I am now like “SCREW YOU PUNK! GRAGKJSWFJALA!”

And then I lose. With Dan. =|, Dan should never lose, ever.

Anyway, when losing to really good players I love it. Especially if it was close against a bad match (and Dan has lots and lots of those hahaha), since I do learn something.

Basically what I’ve started doing online (I wish I had a group offline to play with), is see every match as a learning experience. Even matches with runaway Akumas and 360 spamming giefs and Blanka ball spamming (hard to get that damn ball punish timing right). They win because you didn’t adapt properly (or there was lag, but we aren’t DSP here, if there wasn’t visible lag don’t blame it on the lag unless you checked your inputs and they were spot on).

So if you see yourself losing take the time to think what you could be learning. Also, take a break from Ranked. Playing Ranked is an exercise in frustration and rage.


I’ve lost over 1000 matches and I still get super mad when I lose (if not more).


my composure goes completely out the window during tournaments.


I agree with the guys on the fact that you need to think on what you did wrong and learn from that mistakes. I know a few short-tempered players that over time learned from mistakes and got better with not rage-quitting and calming down. Might help if you can to play with friends that will help you out in a endless battle room.

Depends also on personality too,some people can do well with fighters and some can’t. The same with other games as FPS (example) and so on.


the only way to keep composure is to accept that you can lose. or so I think, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to break something when I lose


I’ve not seen anyone else mention it, but playing with friends (new or old) is the best way. I don’t go to local tournaments, so almost all of my play is online.

Build your friends list a bit more after fighting people who are around your level. Then, whenever you start up SSF4, send out some invites to your friends and start up a lobby.

Use the time while you’re waiting for your match to come up to calm down and analyze what you want to do in your next match.

I suggest trying the “Juicebox Abel” method of looking at a match. Have 2 goals for the matchup, a larger primary goal and then a smaller secondary goal. For example when I play Gief, the prime goal is to get a life lead as early as possible. This allows me to sit back a bit and let them come to me. My secondary goal is to be very strong with my anti-air moves. If I’m really focused on those goals, I’m not as flustered or twitchy as usual. The goals help me focus and tightens up my game.

The other obstacle that some people miss is that high level players can play the game at a very fast pace. This will come to you gradually as you practice. Know your matchups, execute your specials and combos with regularity, and learn how to best punish common things (like a whiffed SRK).

I don’t get as angry when I lose if I can identify why I lost. If I missed a combo or punish, then I go back to the training room and work on my execution. If I kept getting stuffed by a move (like a jaguar kick) I go to the training room and figure out how to get around it or punish it (or just come read character matchups in the threads here).


After a bad beat I just watch the replay of the match. In addition to reviewing what I did wrong during the match, it gives me an opportunity to cool down a bit. I always feel better after a trip to the replay channel.