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Knowledge center with everything to know about 3s including mechanics and data, detailed guides on characters and techniques. Work in progress indefinitely… definitely.

is that the wiki where I get to learn all about all the cooky adventures louiscipher had among the dedicated third strike community that made this wiki?

Where’s the 4rdstrike wiki?

I don’t know why this guy keeps coming back here even after he’s been banned 4-5 times now. But (for some reason) he desperately wants to be seen as this 3rd Strike Guru even though the game has seen better days and he constantly steals videos/info/whatever and posts it as his own.

I finally realized I should have just ignored Louiscipher/Alexander/Alexisdabomb from the very beginning.
Even without the article I wrote about him he still would have exposed himself anyway, which he did.

I didn’t steal anything on this wiki and I definitely don’t want to be a 3rd strike guru. I’m just a random who plays 3s, and I’m not good. If anyone sees anything on the wiki written by someone else and not credited they can point it out.

You have finally realized that like 8 times already. Learn more words!

True, I his defense it’s easy to get baited. These last couple of posts offer more positive information than the entirety of the aforementioned posters life Imo

Why not just add to the shoryuken wiki

Nica KO wiki article completed.

That’s not even true. Why risk your own integrity, which this speaks volumes of, just to be on the good side of some players on here that no one gives a shit about? What the fuck has RVN done for the community besides copy and paste all the info that’s been handed by players like myself and many others and then made a little shrine for the guy he hates? Oh and take credit for that 4rd strike game on ggpo.

These guys don’t even ready up when you challenege them online but you’ll join them in their feud with some other random because just because?