Comprehensive Texas Showdown 6 Results

3rd Strike
96 Players

1st Alex Valle
2nd Mopreme
3rd David Hem
4th Fubar
5th ComboFiend
5th Starboy
7th Jason Cole
7th ZeroG
9th Yoon
9th Lee
9th Ed Ma
9th Hsien
13th Crow
13th RushDownNinja
13th RushDownPanda
13th Ron-O

83 Players

1st Josh Wigfall
2nd Isaac
3rd ComboFiend
4th Mag-X
5th Ruin
5th Veg-X
7th JoeR
7th Carnevil
9th Vinnyman
9th power-dn
9th Jumpee
9th Nestor
13th Liston
13th Rudy
13th DSP
13th Skimitar

60 Players

1st ComboFiend
2nd Nestor
3rd John Choi
4th Alex Valle
5th Jason Cole
5th SmoothCat
7th Ed Ma
7th JeRon
9th Evil Elvis
9th FlashMetroid
9th Andres
9th Sonicboom
13th John Sanchez
13th Ron-O
13th Omar
13th Rudy

GG Slash
44 Players

1st Kensou
2nd FlashMetroid
3rd Chaotic Blue

Tekken DR
38 Players

1st Crow
2nd Vick
3rd David Hem

Tekken 5
35 Players

1st Crow
2nd Vick
3rd Mucha Lucha
4th DJ Kor
5th David Hem
5th Alex Valle
7th LCM
7th Slim

GG Reload
35 Players

1st Alex G
2nd KJunk
3rd FlashMetroid
4th David Hem
5th Chaz
5th ComboFiend
7th Chaotic Blue
7th Marneto

Super Turbo
27 Players

1st John Choi
2nd Jason Cole
3rd Alex Valle
4th JumpSuitJesse
5th JeRon
5th Brian Tyson
7th DSP
7th Dreamfire

24 Players

1st The Answer
2nd David Hem
3rd Jose Acosta

SS Tenka
19 Players

1st Fubar
2nd David Hem
3rd Jose
4th Tirian
5th Skye
5th Logan Sharp
7th Stone
7th Tony

Fist of the North Star
17 Players

1st Jan Del Rio
2nd Mag-X
3rd Fubarduck

My thoughts on Texas Showdown 6:

From an organizer point of view, running a large tournament like Texas Showdown is a hard, tiring, stressful, and thank-less job. Anybody that takes the time to put on a production like Texas Showdown, ECC, or Evo probably does it for the benefit of the fighting game community and for the love of the game. If they are lucky, the tournament will run smoothly and a good time will be had by all.

Unfortunately, things did not go our way this year. We try our hardest to run a great tournament for players to come to and I think anybody that has attended any of the 5 previous Texas Showdowns will attest to that. This year we tried and failed.

Due to mishaps in transportation and communication, our equipment inventory was depleted. The number of console tournament setups was CUT IN HALF due to this. We also had TVs that didn?t work. On the MvC2 side of Texas Showdown, we planned on having 4 arcade cabs set up for the tournament – just like last year, which ran just fine. However, during the transportation of the arcade cabs, one of the monitors broke.

Ill-fated circumstances led to the loss of 50% of our console setups and 25% of our MvC2 setups.

I apologize to all the players that came out to support our event. If this was your first Texas Showdown, please know that all the headaches were an anomaly. Everything will be done to make sure that next year?s Texas Showdown will revert back to the *premier *Texas tournament.

Daniel Nguyen

ny>>>everybody else still for marvel.

valle takes 3s, no surprise. cali ffa sf.

daniel is GW nubsauce! =P

shout-outs go to htown and N.O. crew for good times; too many names, but ya’ll know who you are! <3


  • PZ tournaments at TEN FUCKING O’CLOCK STARTING TIMES?!? WTF??? Chris, you know well above all peeps that you add 3 extra hours to tournaments…lol. Getting out at 8am hurt everyone’s energy level. fuck, i can hardly stay awake now!

  • i think even though the PZ tournaments were great, the starting times sucked ass, which had a domino effect for the rest of the weekend.

  • lack of equipment/staff = self-explanatory; can’t be helped

  • CvS2 = the most evil game in existence; sure, it’s great that there’s exiting matches here and there, but fuck, 2/3 games/match = 10-15 minutes a piece. fuck that shit. sorry to the CvS2 lovers, but the game eats chunks of time. Chris and I both hate it for this very reason. OMG, just run it 1-game matches, and who gives a fawk.

  • Getting my Digital Camera, GBA + games fucking stolen from my car at night. WTF MAN! No fucking honor code, huh? FUCK YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE! :mad:

  • Htown MvC2 Crew = now GW crew = Thai cries inside :sad:


  • Seeing friends again, especially htown and New Orleans rep’in, as well as meeting new ones…you know who you guys are!

  • the TS6 staff = you guys worked with the bare minimum this year, but you guys still made magic happen

  • Cali rep’in the rape = Valle = OMG fanboi gawd-tier. Denjin Ryu is BUFF! <3

  • Lay and his warm closet = top-tier host <3 (we’ll celebrate once you get this darn DVD done!)

  • BYOC Rooms = not too shabby

  • Planet-Zero = even though the tournaments ran late and ran like ass (i love you Chris!), PZ is such an ideal arcade with all the amenities; John is a strong supporter of the SF/Fighting Game Scene, and his dedication showed = mucho props.

  • everything else that was random.

After some thought(and sleep), TS6 wasn’t THAT bad to me this year, but it wasn’t the greatest experience either. In fact, in terms of majors, it was the worst one I’ve been to.

We(Alex, Lee, Chrisdat and I) left Austin at around 1pm saturday thinking we were going to be late and miss out on team tourney since it was scheduled at 3pm. We got to Houston at around 4:30, and we were told everything was running way late. So we were happy at first that we made team tourney…but then it turned like 8pm and 3s still had not started. This wouldn’t have been so bad if there had been 3s casuals set up somewhere, but there was absolutely no 3s anywhere. In the main room, all the TVs where set up for CVS2, and in the byoc rooms, other(less popular) games where being played. 3s finally started like at 9pm or 10pm, and didn’t finish untill about 4:30am. Everyone looked like a fucking zombie.

So we come back on Sunday, and top 8 for the other games are being played when we walk in. This meant the TVs in the main room were shut off so people would pay attention to the finals, and the BYOC rooms were closed…meaning still no casuals. Only in between finals when the tourney directers where setting up the events. 3s started at like 9pm and took about 2 hours. Lee, Alex and I had work/school monday, so we had to drive to Austin after 3s finals. We didn’t get to Austin untill about 3am after driving in some horrible rain. Then I had to drive to San antonio from there, so I didn’t get home untill about 4:30am.

Other random complaints:
Some of the TVs sucked
Location of UofH sucked(after finishing at 4:30am, we had to drive to our hotel instead of walk up to our rooms. Also the cafeteria was closed so everyone had to leave to get food or order pizza. This wasn’t that big of a deal for us since we had a car, but for some out of towners I’m sure this caused a pretty big problem)

Basically I hated how everything ran so late and how there were no casuals. (which I’m sure was mainly due to lack of resources) It’s so hard to say these things when I know Chris Chou worked so hard to get this thing going and tried his best to run the tourney with what limited resources he had. Seriously, big shoutout to you man, I love your dedication to us players and I don’t want to see you stop running TS! Next time, I’ll help you with whatever you need man. When I say this was the worst major I’ve been two, keep in mind the others I’ve been to were funded by MLG, and I’m sure things are ALOT easier when you have that sort of $$ backing you up. So this was the first major I’ve been to not sponsered by MLG, so it felt kinda dead not having the halo/smash bros players running around.

good work to all the cali players

Congrats to the winners and those who placed.

Nice, Josh! Holding it down for the EC in marvel! I smell similar results for the EC vs WC 5 on 5 come ecc11. :slight_smile:

Nice job taking out Choi, Nestor! And nice job getting 1st, Peter.

Before I say anything, i have to give a massive amount of thanks to everyone who contributed to Texas Showdown. Not only the immediate names like Chris and Lei, but also all the people that personally helped me out…Big Chris, Kevin, Daniel, and a few others who made my stay pretty damned fun outside of the actualy tournament.

As for the tournament itself…

One thing I can say is that outside of all the drama and bs that happens, at least Texas Showdown is STILL one of the most fun tournaments every year. Being without MLG sponsorship definitely hurt TS since there weren’t an abundance of TVs and setups already ready to go when players showed up…and having absolutely nothing to do on Friday if you were a Capcom games player didn’t help things. However, the tourney for the most part was a success.

My major recommendations for next year:

  1. No multiple tournament locations, period. All tournaments must be held at the one central tournament site. It felt like the first 1-2 days of TS6 were an hour away from the main tournament site, and that definitely hurt numbers…and ultimately the way the tournaments were run.
  2. You cannot run a tournament on one copy of a game, ever. Planet Zero is a nice arcade and I know you were trying to support it, but come on…tournaments that start at 10pm and end at 8:30 in the morning? I felt like because of those small tournaments, the entire MAJOR was staggered, and it was because the staff was so underrested and unable to really run anything on time for the rest of the weekend.
  3. There must be casuals, for every game, 100% of the time. If Marvel pools are going on, you should have a room with Marvel casuals, and also at least 1-2 stations of every other game, so people who could care less about Marvel have something to do.
  4. Tournaments need to be run STAGGERED. This means, Saturday is not every single tournament at the same time. My major gripe with TS this year was that within a span of about 5 hours, I had to play my entire MvC2 pool, 3s pool, DOA4, and then ST. During that time, I literally had a tournament organizer from each of those games bugging me every 5 minutes telling me I need to leave one tournament and go play in the other…what the fuck? It was like the tournaments were completing with each other for my presence, it didn’t make sense. I literally did not eat, rest, or do anything but play games for 5+ hours straight. The only game I felt I played my best in was MvC2 because, ironically, that was the game that I played first out of all of them. I probably would have qualified for 3s (I was one round away from qualifying) if I wasn’t go goddamned tired from playing three other games in a row. And ST? It was a joke. You can’t have ST running after everything else, starting at MIDNIGHT (at least that’s when MY matches started) and then expect me to play ALL my matches back to back…this is what happened and, no surprise, I lost. All the hype that led up to ST at TS deflated the moment people found out it was starting at 11pm…everybody was overtired and nobody really cared.

All I can say is, next year if you guys need some help, let me know. I will try my best to help you plan out a staggered tournament schedule similar to what we’ll be using at ECC, and what they use at EVO, so we can get everything done in a reasonable timeframe. Outside of that, everything was great, and I hope to see some of you guys come ECC this year. If any of you need help with stuff at ECC feel free to let me know, I will take care of you guys the way you took care of me at TS.

Thanks and see you all soon!

Denjin FUCKING RYU!!!(96 mothafuckas for 3s!!!)

Make Diago wanna start using that shit too!!

Good shit to Kensou too sorry I couldn’t make it.


…now that that’s out of the way…

Time for the King of Hate’s highlights of TS6!

  1. Being picked up at the airport by Big Chris and immediately getting a tasty barbecue pork dinner at a local food joint, then being treated to some marvel casuals with the locals.
  2. Getting winstreaks on both 3s and CvS2 at planet zero, and actually LEARNING in the process. Who was that beastly Ibuki player who always wore that raiders hat (i think it was raiders)?
  3. LAAAATE breakfast at IHOP anybody?
  4. Meeting Kevin and getting the chance to discuss the state of the SF community with him while crashing at his place. Then, subsequently getting stuck in his bathroom since the doorhandle is broken, and having his brother let me out just before I was about to rip the handle off.
  5. Having nothing to do all day Friday, until Daniel comes through with the ride to the local hotel for a ridiculous day of nonstop MvC2 practice.
  6. I’ll say this one in code, but those involved will know what I’m talking about: A certain person finding a certain thing regarless of all efforts to the contrary. WINK WINK!
  7. Hurray for no water pressure at the Red Carpet Inn, it felt like taking a shower in the rain, but at least the water was hot.
  8. Also hurray for the weirdest climate ever. Either you leave the A/C off and you sweat to death in humidity, or you turn it on and freeze to death. One setting for the win!
  9. Waking up late and worrying about being late for Saturday quals, just to find out that nobody is at the venue at all at 1pm…
  10. Getting hyped about CvS2 and then having my stick break moments before my qualifying pool…GGPO me, I threw that POS hori into a trash can, then somebody running my pool fished it out. Garbage picker!
  11. Beasting my way through my MvC2 pool, and shocking the world by qualifying. Protip: Don’t sleep on me, ever!
  12. Playing another three tournaments back to back to make a nice block of 5+ hours of tournament play. Protip: Don’t expect to win!
  13. Knowing that I’m going to hear it from the OGs after losing in ST because I can’t fucking concentrate after running the gauntlet in all other games at 1am. PROTIP: FUCKING FORFEIT NEXT TIME.
  14. Blocking all of Vegita-X’s Rogue/Tron rushdown attempts with Cyclops for about 15 seconds straight, only to do the wrong super and end up losing anyway.
  15. Losing another heartbreaker match vs. Carnevil when the dood has no fucking life and is BLOCKING but manages to squeeze out a viper beam (when it should have just pushblocked) to kill both my Sent and Commando. Why do you think I hate marvel???
  16. Screaming my lungs out to represent TEAM HATE in the CvS2 finals. Nestor THE BEAST now has a new nickname: THE LEGEND KILLER. Taking out the fucking OGs, ggpo sirs!
  17. Crying as Mopreme scrubs out and decides to play an all-Ryu finals vs. Valle, and I lose money for backing Mopreme. WTF, THIS ISN’T JAPAN, YOU CAN PICK YUN YOU FOOL!
  18. Realizing that when you don’t have free reign to do what you want, don’t do it at all. A.K.A. Marvel play-by-play backfires when instead of me saying funny hateful stuff, Kensou tries to actually do real play by play, and make me look like John Madden. Hilarity ensued.
  19. Realizing after 6 years of playing marvel, that after your assist is called out and is able to be called again their energy bar blinks “assist ok.” Yeah, that’s the first time I noticed that…
  20. Realizing that playing MvC2 finals on a radioactive screen might not be the best idea…hell, at least it wasn’t single match though.
  21. Realizing that the roach I squashed on the wall of our hotel is still there two days later. Then looking around and realizing that the maid hasn’t thrown out any of our Jack in the Box trash for the past two days either. NICE!
  23. Learning that apparently, in my sleep, I say OH YEAH like I’m getting a blowjob, then start cracking my knuckles?
  24. Is it 10:30 already? WTF? I just closed my eyes!
  25. Getting an earlier flight home, for ONLY 25 DOLLARS EXTRA!
  26. Realizing its about 60 degrees colder in CT that in Texas, and not having a coat.
    and last but not least…
  27. Realizing that my new HDTV got delivered over the weekend. WOOOO! Anybody who comes to ECC will get to play on it…

good job nestor

…bad job choi :frowning:

jk both you guys are wack

gj nes and smooth…

3rd Strike
96 Players

1st Alex Valle - he started playing again?
2nd Mopreme - grats
3rd David Hem
4th Fubar - grats
5th ComboFiend
5th Starboy
7th Jason Cole
7th ZeroG
9th Yoon
9th Lee
9th Ed Ma
9th Hsien
13th Crow
13th RushDownNinja
13th RushDownPanda
13th Ron-O

doesnt seem like one EC person got top 15

Yes, I’m from Miami, FL

Big shout outs to pwer-dn and jumpee for getting my butt from the airport to the tournament. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

As much as I really hate console it was still a fun tournament. My only suggestion was to make the pool plays 1 game instead of 2 out of 3. Would have saved a lot of time and we probably could have gotten the team tournaments going.

See you guys at ECC if I go.

Gotta give it up to nestor, it’s not like many people can beat Choi at cvs2, or any other game for that matter, even if its console. so good shit.

also props to jeron for sneaking in top 8 and taking ngbc.

Continuation of shoutouts and thank yous:

Thanks to Joe Epstein(Dr. Deelite), Tony Huynh(DDR_Gakusei), Draeger, Andrew Marks(Racer-X), and Mopreme for helping me seed brackets, run the pools, and run the side games. Special thanks to Emotiongear, John and Deneice(I spelled your name right!), and Planet Zero Anime Center for all of their help not only with Friday, but with other aspects of the main tournament.

After a day of reflection from this tournament(mainly due to the fact I finally did get some sleep =P), I’ve decided that I’m still pissed off! But thats only because I know I can do better. So we’re going to move forward and start planning well in advance for next year and make Texas Showdown 7 huge! I hope to see everybody who attended this year, as well as all the people who couldn’t make it this time around, come back and support our event next year!

I think DSP summed up what a lot of people have been thinking: the PZ tournies not only started too late (and were scheduled to start too late already) but took way too long. Basically, the fact that GGS took so long caused us to miss the tournaments Saturday because we were so fuckin tired from staying up till almost 5am that we didn’t care about anything other than sleep. (we didn’t stay for the end)
Also, the venue spacing was ridiculous. I assumed coming to TS for the first time that PZ and UoH would at least be on the same side of town, which could not have been further from the truth. We were lucky that my friend Jon drove in from Austin and had a car or we would have been completely fucked all weekend…and even with a car, it was still 35 min between hotel/UoH and PZ, which is a lot to be asking out of towners. I am thankful that because of that the PZ tournies were on a different day.

Overall, I guess I’m pretty disappointed as this was my first TS and I had heard such great things about the tournament. It seemed like everything that could go wrong for the organizers did go wrong and it some cases these were unfixable problems.
On the plus side, however, I did get to play some good games of Gear of UoH is a pretty nice place. I may come back next year if it seems like everything is a little more organized…

PS. I do have to say big thanks to the organizers for the carpool system, which worked flawlessly. :bgrin:

props to all the crazy guilty gear people…and mad props to the placers, good shit guys. Seeya all at FR, MWC, and Evo!


Oo looks like tx showdown did ok this year. Not as dope as 5 even though I wasn’t there.