Comprehensive Texas Showdown 6 Results

Props to everyone. I dont believe in actually winning a tourny. >=\ Work and no sleep owns me. I’ll give special shout outs later.

I dont appreciate you beasting all over my friends like that in Guilty Gear. Did you place hi in every game or what?

We still have to settle the score… PLEASE COME TO FR9 :slight_smile:

Good shit David… you are a monster.

I give mad props to the staff of TS i dont know how you guys did it but yall pulled it off and made magic happen i just wish i didnt have to play some of my pools as late as i did

Starboy i have to apolgize to you man i was in ur 3s pool and didnt even say gg or shake ur hand sorrey if i came off like an ass i was just hella of tired

Patrick and crew moving from tv to tv trying to get in some marvel casuals was funny but we still got in some games so it worked out, Issac and Wigfall ill see yall 2 at ECC fo sho im going,

My boi Dirtycole lol what can i say man it always cool hanging with u man wish we both what have qualified out of our tekken pools oh well next time man :wink:

Well this showdown didn’t hold up to previous ones but it was still good i had fun got to hang out with some friends i hadn’t seen in awhile Chris keep it up man i know you and the rest of TS staff well make nexts years alot better if you need some help let me know Ill be more than glad to help out

p.s on personal note i think i was one of the few that liked the mvc2 play by play
DSP u sounded EXTRA WHITE :rofl: :rofl:

Much Props to Ranma , kensou , Ley and all others for running another coo tourney. I always love going to texas. I really believe it was just the whole PZ thing starting at 10pm that fucked the whole weekend schedule up. 40 peeps in each tourney and starting at 10pm…all bad.

Props to DOAMaster owning everyone with Ryu ( i still hate all ninjas, long live the Wrestlers =P)

Props to gey ass choi for ruinning my 3-pete in ST, your ass is going down HARD at EVO foo =P

Props to mopreme for stopping my urien beasting. I hope you show up to EVO this year, cause I definately want a re-match agaisnt your Ryu man.

No Props to Steve players in T5, why cant namco just make hwoarang top tier =(
Good shit to Crow for winning T5 with DevilJin =D

Props to Nestor in CVS2, even though you bitched out and picked Sak agaisnt me ya dirty bastid =D. Ill have something for that A-groove come ECC time. Shouts to Smoothcat and Jazmine, ill see all you peeps at ECC.

Map Props and shouts to Jeron, always chill hanging with you brotha. You got skillz in every mutha fuckin game out there yo. I dont think there is a game you dont play brotha hehe. Definately see you in ECC so we can get our drink on yo. Stay up brotha. Our match was kind of gey in cvs2, we should of just played it out. Dont know why they shouted to re-do ours when everyone and their mother was hitting start and just kept going. You can get your rematch on a brotha at ECC yo, but be ready cause im bringing that shit full force yo.

Shouts to Naysay, sorry we never got to get those ST matches in man. Maybe at EVO or if you hit up ECC. Start reppin that Sim tho brotha.

Aight, im out folks. If i missed some shouts my bad…I still got love for you all. Hope that DVD comes out soon so I can see my B-boy stage run!!! LOL

J-Cole out

I want to say first thanks a lot to Ranma and the others for running the whole show, and for picking us up at the airport and taking us around in the morning.

Jeron it was cool hanging out with you when we got to texas, it sucked that we played in the same pool dude, you would’ve definately qualified if we hadn’t been. I’ll see you at the next tournies.

It was good meeting and playing you guys from texas, Mopreme, Hsieng, Alex. Fubar nice match again between us in the first game of the top 8, and it was cool hanging out and talking after the tourney ended, myspace is the new aim! Hopefully i’ll see you guys again in upcoming majors.

Valle, It was cool playing you 10,000 times at planet zero at 6am with no sleep, I was frustrated losing all the time man I can’t play on jap sticks. Cole, gotta give you props on the dance on your intro, that shit was crazy.

Also nice meeting you guys from Mexico, sorry I don’t remember your names, but keep working on that urien.

I still managed to have fun at TS thid year even while getting owned up by tourneys starting late, lack of sleep/food, and weather changes. Mad props go out to the whole TS staff: Chris, Kensou, Lay, etc. Shoutouts go to everybody I got to see again: Dirty Cole, Combo Fiend, Warren, my NY homie Jeron, DSP, Brian Tyson; Shoutouts also to John Choi, Sonic Boom, Manuel, and all the other players who were cool to me/gave me pointers to step my game up. *PS: I was the only XX player who entered cvs2 tourney:lovin:

To my traveling crew, Team Hate, reppin TGA (Nestor, Smoothcat, Paul Wall, “Good Shit” Tony): You guys did your thing, no matter how good/bad you guys think you did. This entire trip was an adventure, but we all came through all right. Thanks for showing an outsider mad respect:wink:

Last, but never least, DEFINATELY good looking out to Suavion for providing us all with transportation and housing. You really gotta take a trip over to the EC, man. You’ll get nothing but love from us, yo. I gua-RAN-tee! lol:wgrin:

Next stop: ECC!!

I don’t think Valle is human. I think he is a robot programmed with SNK boss AI.

The main thing wrong with TS6 imo was TS5. TS5 was the best tournament ever and TS6 just couldn’t follow it. Lot less cash to throw around this time. Starting late from PZ tourneys didn’t help either like others said. Apart from that it was the same as every tourney pretty much, and there was lots of fun to have if you looked for it. And hey, free porn channel at the Red Carpet Inn!!

No thank-yous to K-step, Genius, and Tuan for not being there to hold me. Bastards.

Last year’s DVD was worth it for Tuan scratching, this year’s will be worth it for Cole dancing. Bonus if the mic picked up Alex Yoon yelling during 3S finals.


To Chris, You did it again bro. I consider this year a big success despite what anyone else said. Sure things were delayed a bit, but so what? I’ve been to all 4 majors (except for ecc) in the United States and I’ve had to play 3S matches 4 in the morning at mwc, CVS2 pools midnight at evo so why are so many people complaining? We did everything to the best of our abilities this year so please cut the event organizers some slack.

  • On a side note everyone has to keep in mind that all the Texas Showdowns will be compared to TS5 which many agreed was the best tournament to ever take place in north america (Buktooth said it himself that TS5 was the tournament he had the most fun at, and he’s been to everything from evo-sbo)

Now to my thank yous:

Video Crew: Freddy, Thai, Don, Jake, Ashley, Emotiongear, Zach, Draegor and anyone else I forgot to mention. The video effort this year was fucking amazing, I’m so excited now I won’t be able to sleep until the dvds are released since I know they will blow any tournament dvd away easy. 40+ DV tapes used anyone?

Showdown Crew: Chris, Kensou, Sanchez, Dn, Javi and everyone else, all the hard work you guys put in.

New England CVS2 crew: You guys are nuts, living 1 hour away from where I live didn’t help either, Smooth: Nestor told me to give you britney spears for the intro or else he would never talk to me again.

Calipower: I will definitely introduce (blank) to some of those girls in the future.

Fubarduck: See you in mid april for the ranbats, and please gain some weight for the love of god. KSK = #1

BTW my name is LAY, not Lei (tekken style), Ley (cole style), Ray (bas style) or anything else. I will be at PZ tonight to show off some HD footage from showdown, be there!


Jeron, I have your sweater that you left in our hotel room, next time I see you I will be sure to bring it. At this point it will probably either be Final Round (if we both go) or ECC.

goodgames everyone, i guess next time ill have to adapt for out of state players with my Q…damn empty jumps… :frowning: oh well i know what to do against it but i was just to spooked to do it… but anyways…till next time yall

TS6 was great! Congratulations to all the organisers, competitors and winners.

We had many setbacks and problems but we still came out of it on top.
Ranma and his team worked very hard despite the circumstances and still delivered.

From the organisers point of view, we know and understand the flaws that occured, we WILL make sure they are fixed for TS7.

TS7 will be completely different and better than TS6, TS5 and all the other TS tournaments to date. I cannot disclose more information at this time but let’s just say the goal is to make it one of the greatest arcade tournament in the US. The Top US players of every game will have more to worry about than out-of-state competition.

Special thanks to all who support not only TS but the north american arcade scene. We have something worth holding on to.

Hey guys, just wanted to say that I will have about an hour’s worth of casual matches from TS6 uploaded by Thursday. It has Jason Cole, Calipower, Combofiend, Ed Ma, Mopreme, Starboy, and some others. I’ll post the link here once its done.

I still had a lot of fun at this tourney. Even though all the games started too late it was still too much fun. I hope to make it agian next year.

DSP: The Ibuki player with the Raiders hat is nate. Moved down from LA to over hurr in EP. Sucks for him! heh

yo yo sup yall? man its been roughly a day and i’m still recovering physically lol from this tourny. i agree wit lay, it was a success overall and we know wut we need to do in order to make it better so all in all it was indeed a learning experience. also yea like lay i agree again on the time factor, cut us sum slack lol!

enuff on that for now i dont wanna get into it…time for shout outs!

j-cole: wut can i say my nig? the bboy step on the way out was too fresh lol! its always a pleasure chillin wit ya whenever we did say wut up. i mean ur a hella funny and not to mention cool person to be around always making the atmosphere funny. props to you chief see ya again in the later tournies this season!

valle: my old school hero! it was awesome interviewing u, i learned alot from watching u play and i must admit its hella impressive. still proving that u still got it amongst the newer players chief, damn good shit. again, come back to tx next year and perhaps i’ll catch ya at the later tournaments along side cole. be easy chief.

choi: still awesome at cvs2! good shit making it as far as u did. didnt get to talk to ya much but i kno from previous times u’ve visited we talked before so i kno ur a calm cool cat. props to ya once again, see ya around! and play 3rd strike already! lol

combofiend: wut can i say chief? consistantly placed in jus about every major game…good shit. also i like it how we both share the same opinion on marvel lol. marvel still gets to me man bleh…anywhoo a pleasure as always yo. catch ya around. the most laid back guy at the damn place. u got wut u wanted in reload, so ups to ya. step up ur game in slash when it comes out, i’ll be looking forward to playing u again. possibly in the finals? be easy yo.

flashM.: always clowning lol. i appreciate ur help running the slash tourny, that night i was bouncing around everywhere tryin to get ppl to their games wasnt an easy task…double back good shit placing in both GG games and doing decent in the others. i’ll catch ya another time.

alexG.: dizzy…uhh…yea haha jk! good shit this weekend gotta play again sumtime…NO MONEY MATCHES!

ruin/xeno/russel: thnx for comming out this year once again. it was cool chillin for small spans of 13min a peice lol. i had no idea xeno played tekken lol! i look forward to playing u guys again. see ya 'round.

jeron: damn nig, wut game DONT u play? lol good shit in neogeo, and cvs and all the other games u did well in. ur proving to be 1 of the better up and comming players son keep it up. be easy yo.

wigfall/isaac: good shit in marvel fellas. tourny was up for grabs and u guys did well. keep it up. isaac, good shit on the interview, it was a pleasure. easy yo.

edma: lol my 1st time meeting this guy was this year even tho hes been here before lol! it was cool meeting u for the 1st time ur a pretty calm dude man good shit in your games. catch ya laters chief.

dsp: the king of hate! not so much hate lol? nah dude i gotta admit ur a damn cool cat. ur views on the SF scene is pretty damn accurate and we need ppl like urself to make things happen and share opinions and ideas to make shit better. big ups to ya playa. peace

smooth cat/nestor: the masters of down back! and takers of souls!!! lol man that was cool as an intro seriously lol. smooth ur definitely on ur way to being among the best cvs2 players in my opinion. keep that shit up and i wouldnt be surprised to see u in top 8 every time. nestor, man ur downback skills are amazing lol jk, u did very well in cvs2 good shit. maybe i’ll return to cvs…NAHHHH i’m good lol!. be easy yall and maybe i’ll catch u guys at ecc or sumfin.

jasmine: wut up girl? always a pleasure to chill wit ya, it was good seeing u again. still reppin that cvs2, step over to 3s, too many players and i’m sure u can learn the game. so yea, be easy girl.

kjunk/poon/poserwolf: good stuff in GG fellas, i expect to see it again in slash. big ups KJUNK!!! haha

darkgeese: good shit on helping us run the neo geo games, ur the man! also thanks for letting us use ur ps2 and the tv. i greatly appreciate u my man. be cool

ts6 staff: yall kno who yall are, u guys are the best! always there when need be, we’ll make the next 1 a fuckin blast that foo’s will never forget for damn sure! lay chang! ur the best man, not wasting time tryin to keep shit pro. good stuff. emotiongear/deneice! i greatly appreciate wut u guys have beeing doing for us since PZ opened up. this is only the begining of wuts yet to come…

chris freakin chou! my man, i was there behind u every step of the way comrad. u already kno i got ur back for next year yo. stay up chief we gots many more to do!

and lastly…BIG UPS TO THE PPL WHO HAD THE PATIENCE TO DEAL WIT THE TIME FACTORS. u guys deserve it…I PERSONALLY appreciate ur patience to no end.

whew…wit all that said…ANYBODY that i forgot to mention good shit in wutever u did over the weekend, u guys are great and i appreciate u guys making it out this year to compete! SEE YALL NEXT YEAR AND THE YEARS TO COME!!!

kensou out…:china:

edit: FAWK, DSP STILL LOGGED IN ON MY COMP!! FAWK!! bahh this is kensou posting under dsp…FAWK!!

3rd Strike is consistently the most exciting game, and TS6 was no exception.

I think if you put enough thought and time into developing your strategy, you can win with any character in 3s. I have put a lot of thought into Ryu and how to win almost every matchup…but Denjin Ryu vs. Denjin Ryu is not one of those matchups! Sometimes you have to consider every possibility (and not mess up simple combos that could win you the match).

All of the 3s top 8 was really enjoyable. I had a lot of fun playing. The skill level in general seems to keep getting higher and higher.

Valle, good games. You and I play Ryu completely differently, yet both find ways to win consistently.

Anyone that is a fan of 3s should buy the DVDs. Lay will do a fantastic job.

To everyone else I played this weekend, good games.

I must say I don’t think TS6 sucked all that much!!! Friday kicked ass at Planet Zero. All I really remember was Kevin yelling "Wall Combo!! Damage, damage…Blah Blah blah! TOKIIIII!!! Plus some awesome Guilty Gear Slash and Tekken 5 DR Matches! :lovin:
I was looking on the brighter side of the tourny when it came to Saturday… dispite the fact It got boring at times and I had to pull out of Tekken 5 cause my ride was whining that he was bored and tired. :rolleyes:
But getting a chance to play #R and meet more players was fun!
So props to Flash who has an awesome Jam and Ichigo on his joystick XD and Rob0t who gave alot of pointers out to my friends!!! There were a many other guilty gear players I hung out with In that little room where the brackets were argued about and fixed again by Kevin!(Thanks again for stepping up and putting things in order) and everyone else that was included in the Hectic~ness… like the guy that gave me my money back for T5,his eyes were all red from no sleep and the flood of people asking him questions! D:
The times are my only complaints as well as many others, so I won’t go into it cause its been talked about to many times.:sweat: With that said, I hope TS7 will be just as fun and a bit more organized! :lovin:

Thanks for everybody who ran this tourney, I had as much fun as last year and I wouldn?t of came back if i didn?t enjoy it and been treated so well.

Chris/Ranma0005: I know you had some problems running/setting up the tourneys with the lack of staff but you still did a good job and i appreciate it. Next time get my ass up and make me help.

Lay/Ray: Thanks for the hospitality thursday night and your trouble for recording and producing the dvd, ill def buy one from you for support. We had some really good games, Keep practicing and show me that beastly Guile again.

Cole: Glad to see you playing cvs2 again finally instead of shitting on it all the time. Cant wait to play you again but I don?t know if you are going to see any Honda because i cant have you JDing all of my hands. :razzy:

Valle/da old man: Good shit placing in all those games and taking 3s. Take it easy shitting on the EC people, some of us are trying. Nestor/Smooth= MA/TGA reps

Choi: Nice playing you again, i had the most fun playing you. Your ken/guile/sagat are the hardest i played against and I could barely get in on guile. Honor playing you and hope to play you more next time.

Kensou: One of the coolest dudes i met. Good work with the mic, fuck the haters on the mvc2 commentary. Talk to Omar try to make it over to ECC cause its always fun chillin.

Combofiend: Good games, Ill try something a little different next time. Honor playing you again i learned alot. Are you going to Japan?

Edma: You still my hero Ed, Those footsies are so strong. Try to make it to ECC i never got to play you in 3s or maybe japan if your team qualifies for SBO. :wgrin:

EvilElvis: Nice finally playing you. Definitely one of the stronger cvs2 players i seen.

SonicBoom: Get your cvs2 back you bum, you?re the one and only “Nestor killer”

David/Hitler: Great job placing in so many tourneys, You def had a chance to win if you beat Valle that last game. Too bad you had to work because i was looking foward to playing you some more. Next time for sure.

Suavion: Thanks for housing, hit me up soon you live warrior. " Oh shit its my momma!!!"

And all the people that I played and forgot. Good games, everybody is def getting better and keep it up.

OMG its Keith! HI!

Ts6 was one of the best tournys ever for me. The staff did a good job cept letting me play cvs2 during ggx finals =/.

Lay= your a cool mutha fuck good shit on the intro guess you got me back for beasting on your food lol!

Suavion= the only nigga with a xbox pad and a xbox to ps2 converter. Thanks for the housing homeboy and thanks for the advanture we had all week long.

Carlos= man play blanka, I had a lot of fun hanging out with you and showing you some cheap tricks downback that shit.

Cole. Your like the grandpa of streetfighter and your a animal in all the games. It was fun just talking with you and when I grow my fro lets have a haircut match lol.

Oldman. Thanks to you there is gonna be 626351 denjin ryu’s out there. I was more impressed that you owned people on a tekken stick then anything else. Keep teaching random people how to get girls!

Dsp. Your hate is strong and your madden like on the mic.

Jeron. Sucks what happen in cvs2 but I no you wil do your thing at ecc. I had fun hanging with you homeboy.

Edma. Good matchs in cvs2 and 3rd strike you have the best ken I ever played. We all no you hate console lol.

My crew. Ness best a groover in america!!

Paul wall even though you fucked up your still a my nigga and the jumping in the water was way to beasty.

Jasmin. Man you like the greatest chick ever you play cvs2 and you don’t rc lol. And you no all the chappelle show lines your to good. Remember pick sagat and pray to good blanka don’t rc that shit

Anyone else I forget sorry was a great trip and crazy shit happened but I had fun and that’s all it comes down to it in the end.

i had a lot of fun despite not even winning once :smiley:

last years was better but having it in the hotel made it ultra convenient. i think next years should just have more pre-paid registrants and have the money go to getting the hotel. if shitty anime conventions can do it, i’m sure we could.

pre-paying online was a pretty good idea but setting it up earlier would have been better for the organizers especially

theres so many suggestions im sure the organizers have already thought of; they did a kick ass job given the circumstances and its just not an easy thing to do, especially considering theyre not getting paid

when can we get the dvds? i missed just about all the finals and i think everyone should throw all their money at these dvds to make this event even more enjoyable than anyone could anticipate

Yeah my shout outs go to everyone I met, The Answer, Chou for throwing a good tourney despite the setbacks, all the hard work for the TS6 crew, Kensou for meeting you and sure man glad I could help you all out…

good to meet everyone, had a blast and surely looking forward to it next year!!!

I’ll be glad to help you all run KOF XI, NGBC, and Tenka next year!! Just hit me up!!!