Computer Case Fans

Im looking for the BEST fans for moving air in sizes 25x25mm 30x30mm and 40x40mm. alls i can find are 1.7 for 25 3.0 for 30mm and 8 for 40mm.

if those are the best im going to get let me know. or if u know a better kind post here with links and product name.

Thanks guys.

if you are interested in moving air there is only 1 stat that you should be interested in and thats CFM. In short the higher that number the more air is being moved. The only problem with that however is the higher the CFM the louder the noise.

1 question though, most case fans that I’ve seen are 60mm and up. Where are you finding these extremely small fans?

personally I use these

so if you change your mind and want a 80 or 92 you can go for these. But something that small I’m not sure what you’ll find :frowning: