Computer chair problem


I have a computer chair that is in the 50-60$ range, and it makes my rear feel numb after about an hour or two. I mean, it really feels like someone injected a numbing agent into the area near my tailbone. This is a problem because it limits how many hours I can put into Borderlands 2 GOTY. Since buying BL2 GOTY 12 days ago, I have only accumulated 88 hours of played time. Unfortunately I’ve been unemployed since 2008 and don’t feel like spending extra money on a better chair.


Get a new one.
You probably have one of those chairs that will shoot pieces of sharp metal into your anus.

At the very least, get a thick piece of wood to put on the seat.




heres a pretty good chair



You should go get a barstool and turn it upside-down. That way at least you and three other friends can sit somewhat comfortably.


Simple solution get a seat cushion.


Sounds like a circulation problem, I recommend just amputating everything from just above your rear end downwards to save trouble later.