Computer compatability


Hey everyone,

i got an arcade stick a few days ago from ebay, it was second hand and supposedly homemade. Its sanwa buttons and joystick but the problem i have is that it says it works with ps3 and pc however when i plug it in it doesnt respond. The drivers are installed when i plug the stick in and the computer recognizes it as a game controller( It calls itself PS® ) but there is no actual response from the stick itself. I asked the seller about this and he said he tested it on windows vista and it worked fine. Im running SF4 on windows 7, shouldnt it be the same?

Anyways what options do i have to make it work if i can at all?



up+select, up+home, home by itself one of those will sync your stick


okay uuhh really stupid question… when do i press that button…


there is a noob thread. anyway i don’t know which pcb you are using, so i dont konw your combination, but anyway, plug the cable in let the computer do its thing. and then when everything is idle press your sync combination