Computer help: Blank Movies

So, I’m sure that there are quite a few of you who download movies and what-not… I am having a problem with viewing some of these movies. Its not all of them, only random ones. If anyone has heard of axxo, I like to download those, but I get a few that dont have picture, only sound.

What I have done is try and update the codec pack that I have on my computer, (k-lite 4.7.5 is what I just put on) and that didnt change anything for these few that I have that dont work…

If anyone knows about these types of things, please reply. This computer is like my tv since I moved reciently, so this is all I got!


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What extension do they have? .mkv, .avi, .mp4, etc.

Try MPC with CCCP, pretty much plays everything except real media files

you shouldn’t be using anything except VLC. if VLC can’t play it, then nothing will… or it’s a fake or a virus.

aXXo is garbage, they either repack already available rips from other scene groups, or make terrible rips of their/his/her own. So that might be your first problem, though despite the crap quality they are generally intact. So it just might be any media/codec related issues. I generally get a monster codec/all in one pack, that has every codec and everything you’ll ever need. VLC also works as well, and is a great solution.

I use VLC media player when Media Player Classic and ffdshow is lacking.
Works without codecs.

VLC isnt the shiny gold idol you make it out to be. its good yeah, and i use it, but it still has its issues.

Media Player Classic, MPlayer, KMPlayer, BSPlayer, all could have things spoken for them over VLC, the most notable is seeking, VLC is SHIT as seeking, and you know it (although its gotten TONS better over the past few releases)

I am pretty sure that they are all .avi

very very true about seeking. it’s just the easiest/most user friendly (imo) player that doesn’t require any codecs, at least on my windows machine.

i use mplayer on my linux server when i’m watching movies, but for the all purpose use, especially from someone not that familiar (like anyone in my family), i think vlc is the best/safest bet as far as telling them to install it and run the video hitch-free.

I took your advice, the movies that were not working, now do. Much thanks.