Computer is randomly giving me a five beep post, display shuts down

So, I get home from work today and go to use my PC. I notice the monitor’s got the orange light, which means it’s in sleep mode. I shake the mouse to wake it up…but nothing. Hit a key on the keyboard…nothing. So I try shutting it down, and restarting…and get a five beep post, with nothing on the display. I shut it down and try powering it up again, and get the same thing. :mad:

So I open it up, try and figure out what the deal is. The fan I bought for my graphics card seems to be running kinda funny so I disconnect it, and try booting again. I get a single beep and Windows comes on, so I figure maybe something was up with it. I start looking at the new Naruto chapter when as I’m reading the screen goes black, orange light. The computer’s still on, but no display and no functionality with the keyboard.

So now, I get a single beep and Windows comes on, but eventually it does the same thing, blank display, and computer that’s on (fans are running and lights are on) but not responding to anything. Tried reseating the memory, gonna try reseating the video card next. Any help on this?

Motherboard - Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe (Phoenix Award BIOS)
Memory - 2 GB DDR2 Corsair
Video Card - GeForce 7900 GS
PSU - Antec 500W Basic Power

5 Short Beeps Your motherboard is complaining. Try reseating the memory and rebooting. If that doesn’t help, you should consider another motherboard. You could probably get away with just replacing the CPU, but that’s not too cost-effective. Its just time to upgrade!

If this is the case I’d be pissed, I’ve barely had the thing for about 6 or 7 months and it already fails?! :mad:

And I’d have to buy a new damn CPU since I doubt I could find another one with the 939 socket my X2 4400+ is.

something may be overheating. what temps are your graphics card and cpu at? do you over clock at all?

use PC wizard to check temps

try this troubleshooter

i think rocklee’s right, usually when computer overheats, just goes “eff this” and goes to bed

I don’t overclock, I tried that program and it says my processor’s at 38 degrees C, and my GPU is at 40 degrees C.

try reseating the memory (redundancy ftw). most bios have a default automatic shutdown temp (as far as i know). so the fact that your comp is still running when the monitor isn’t responding would make me suspect the graphics card. reseat that, check that the monitor cable is secure. if the monitor responds after leaving the comp off for a while, the card probably isn’t staying cool enough (faulty fan maybe like you said earlier?) try updating the manufacturer driver with nvidia drivers, or vice versa (solved a problem with that myself before).

or you can just bypass all that by borrowing a friends card or buying some cheapshit card on ebay. if one of those works, then you know to replace your graphics card.

(that’s just what i would do, please don’t neg me for this.)

i think its an overheating problem, cause i had something similar happen to my pc, then i had to replace the cpu fan and the power supply then everything just stoped working:sad: : pours one out to dead pc ::sad::sad:

Why would we neg ya? You’re helping us out. :rofl:

Anyways, thanks for the advice. We’ve reset the CMOS and so far it hasn’t happened again. But if it does, we’ll try the graphics card and see what happens.

What you should do is find the motherboard manual. That will give you the beep codes and tell you exactly what the motherboard is complaining about.

Tried that, didn’t tell us jack.

On the plus side, I think we’ve figured it out. Haven’t had the five beep since, but the display blackout thing is still happening. I believe it’s the display drivers for my graphic card since it did it while I was playing Phantasy Star Universe but I was still able to Alt-Tab out and get my screen back, after which Windows said something about the display drivers going goofy.

^^ reminds me of a problem i had playing elder scrolls: oblivion. when i would look in the direction of someone that cast and invisibility spell, the screen would scramble. i replaced the ati catalyst driver with my card’s manufacturer driver and it fixed the problem.

these damn things are so fickle, good to see reseting the cmos worked. :tup: to easy fixes.

What BIOS do you have?

What’s your OS? The new Stealth Update for Windows can cause the video shutdown like that, even in legitimate installs. Try an Ubuntu LiveCD or something and see if it does it in another OS.

Phoenix Award BIOS. The computer’s totally crapped out now, get the five beep (sounds like 2 quick beeps then 3 normal ones) and nothing else. Tried removing every part but the processor and mobo and still got it…meaning it’s probably one of those and I’m screwed until I can amass the 400 or so bucks it’ll take to replace them both (my mobo is the now unused socket 939 meaning to get a new one I need a new CPU as well…).


EDIT: I have Vista Home Premium, for the record.

2 short beeps, and 3 long beeps?

Like? Beep Beep — Beeeep — Beeeep — Beeeep…

Thats a beep code of 2-1-1-1…

According to the Phoenix beep codes, that is: Set initial CPU speed.

Update: It would appear that it is actually the graphics card, or the drivers for said graphics card. I put in my old one (which utterly sucks compared to the one I had but is decent) and lo and behold, it gave me a single beep. Had the old one in for a couple of hours and no shutdown. Gonna leave it in all day, just to make absolutely sure.