Computer making strange noises

Basically every time I try to open a application it sounds like the processor is struggling and/or the hard drive is dying and the comp overall has gotten slower. I’ve had this computer for a while and I hardly ever turn it off. Is there any way to check the hard drive/processor? I remember there was a run command that would help me by showing me all the listed hardware errors/warnings the computer had logged, but I can’t seem to remember or find the command.

Any tips or advice or what to do? I’m afraid my comp is going to keel over.

  • Jin

Have you tried defragging? Also run check disc.

How much memory does it have? How much free memory does it have? Check Task Manager.

Also, I bet you have a Seagate HD.

Seagate drives do tend to be loud, but you can’t beat that warranty.

Can you describe the sound? Is it a click? A whine? Is it regular or more random?

This sounds like disc scratching, aka its your hard drive. If your computer cannot read data from the hardrive, it will struggle, because it will keep looping until it does. This normally happens on laptops and smaller drives faster. If your drive is more than 3 years old, you may want to upgrade. Running defrag is a good idea. Also run scandisk, preferably through Windows XP pro.

I’m not sure if scratch is the appropriate term but it may be. It kinda sounds like a a loud stutter if that makes sense. (although scratching may be a way to describe it as well)

I just ran defrag. It’s still making those noises though. The hardrive is a Maxtor 6B 160P0.

Is getting a new hardrive the best option? Is there any way to fix my current one?

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Getting a new hardrive is the best option.

The stutter your hear, is the result of the scratching of the hardrive inside its enclosure. You can fix this by realigning, and fixing the hardrive heads. However thats risky, expensive and normally done in disk recovery. With the current hardrive prices, your better off buying a cheap new hardrive, and saving your data there.

Data recovery is very tedious and expensive.

The stutter most likely means that your hardrive will fail, it may take a year or tomorrow. So I would back up.

Do you find your hard drive slowing down? IE when accessing files?

When opening files. So yea, when accessing files.

Well then my above diagnostic is pretty much spot on.

Solution: New equivalent hard drive. :slight_smile: To avoid aforementioned problems.

I’m getting a new hard drive installed tomorrow. I’m unsure if I should take it to Fry’s Electronics (a big electronics chain) or try to find someone in the yellow pages to do it for cheaper, or try to do it myself. I’m going to try to make my current hard drive the slave and a new hard drive the master…then hopefully i can transfer all my important files before my hard drive flatlines.

Thanks for the help you guys. Is there any way to avoid this with my next hard drive though? Cuz this has happened to me before.

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Someone explain how is this “Extremely negative” post? :lame:. to whomever negged it, and why?

Anyhow installing a hardrive is really simple, after you back up, remove your current one, change its pin set up to slave. Then plug in your new primary, and your set. Just make sure the IDE, or Sata cable is in the right place, which you can’t miss ;). And plug it in, thats it. Hardrives and Ram, are among the easer interchangeable parts, so you shouldn’t have a problem. Just don’t try to copy your windows directory, etc to the new one, it will completely crash, make sure its a clean install etc.

And unfortunately there is no way to avoid this, albeit purchase high quality drivers, which just means it will take longer for this to happen. It happens to almost all drives eventually. Maxtor had a period of time, that it happened alot to their drives, prior to Seagate acquiring Maxtor. So its a matter of luck ;).

Sounds like an HD. I asked about the sound because a dying fan can make a squeeking sound, and when capacitors (usually on the mobo) are near death they make a high-pitched “singing” sound.

This poster has helped me immensely and continues to do so even now. I’m pretty pissed off someone negged him, as that was totally uncalled for.

Back to the topic at hand, I’m very inexperienced with computer hard ware so I’m not so sure I can do it myself. I might consider it though. Thanks again.

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i had no idea how to install a hard drive too but it was easy in my case. my pc uses a sata hard drive and when i opened the case i studied how the old hd was mounted and what wires were connected to it. than i just replaced it by mounting the new hd the same way as before and reconnected all the wires and that was it. a new hd installed.

Yeah I’m opting to try to install it myself. Main reason being they were going to charge me 80 dollars for a blank install of windows which I know I can do myself.

My plan is to read up on the subject and try to do as much as i can before i take out and mess with the old hard drive. Basically I’m going to set the master pin in my new hard drive and write down exactly what I’m going to do before I do it. That being said does anyone have any good websites with info on the following procedures?:

Blank Hard Drive Windows Installation
Master/Slave Hard Drive setup

Also I’ma try torrents to get the blank hd windows install disc, if anyone knows any better place to get them. (mirc channel etc.) plz post or pm me the info.

And btw, I’d like to thank all the people who posted in this thread. This people in this sub forum always seem pretty helpful .

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In order to keep your hardware in good shape, I would recommend using a can of compressed air to clean out the inside of your computer at least every 6 months or so. Your computer can suck up quite a bit of dust, especially when you leave it running all the time, that can give you all sorts of problems with your hardware.

I did use the air can on it. Anyways I seem to have a dilemna, a rather big one. I’m not sure if I have enough channels to support 2 hard drives because my CD drive seems to take up my other one. Am I going to have to unplug my CD drive in order to have dual hard drives? (at least long enough to do a data transfer)

Maybe I’m just missing it.

If your motherboard supports SATA, you can get a SATA hard drive as long as you have enough SATA ports.

If your motherboard doesn’t support SATA, you probably have 2 IDE channels, which allows for 4 IDE devices.