Computer no longer detects wireless networks

Hey guys I just need some quick help here.

So 2 days ago, my computer all of the sudden stopped detecting my wireless network at home. I have tried EVERYTHING. I powered down the router for a minute and then put it back in, reset my modem, and I even reformatted my computer! SLDFKSLDFK This is pissing me off so much. I know its not my wireless adapter because I have two of them. I tried the other one and it is the same thing. Someone please help ASAP.

If it’s a laptop, you should check for the ‘disable wireless’ switch.

Sorry I forgot to mention that it is a desktop. Any help?

Have you called your service provider yet? A couple of things to check:

  • Provider was doing a maintenance
  • Faulty modem/hardware
  • Software needs update

Good luck!

I don’t think that is the problem at all. Everything else in my house works except for the desktop. D:

Did you change/install ANYTHING just prior to it not working?

if you reformatted, and tried two different wireless cards…did you try them in the same slot of the motherboard? If so, it sounds like it could be a motherboard problem. try a different slot with the network cards…also if you have the capability try plugging in to the router via hard wire.
if you dont have another slot, unplug the power, hold the power button down for 5-8 seconds to clear any charge, and use some electrical contact cleaner spray on the slot and the wireless cards contacts.
Let them dry for 10 min and try installing one of them.

so your cards are recognized but connection cannot be found? i had a similar issue but it was my card because something happened to my drivers. what network cards are u using by chance?

NO no no no. You guys are getting confused. I’m talking about a wireless USB adapter not a pci adapter. Sorry for the confusion.

have you tried different usb ports?

Yup, try different usb ports first.

I have tried all of my usb ports. None of them work. :annoy:

Perhaps alittle more information on the hardware would help. Since both USB adapters fail to connect/be detected, my first guess would be looking at the router and the possibility of a bad radio.

To rule it out, borrow another unit from friend. Go through the process of elimination first and weed-out the most obvious.

or do you have another pc or something you can plug the unit into to verify the workings of the unit itself? Like Izagaia said. i would try to test the unit on another machine and if it works then i think checking your USB ports are next and so forth. sometimes the hard/broad questions have the easiest solutions.

yeah i’d say a driver check.

Like what are you running? windows perhaps?
Just make sure the drivers are there and the device is enabled.

Like for instance, i run an ethernet cable to my laptop when im @ home for quicker connection.
But ever since i installed win7, the physical controls wont actually control the wireless connection, so i have to go into the device manager and explicitly disable it.

So check drivers, make sure its enabled, under network connections does it show your wireless usb?

If you mean me then, what i meant by drivers is re-apply them. Somehow, (idk how) my drivers got corrupt. They were still there and everything seems fine but all i did was re-apply them (via cd or whatever media you have) and plug the unit back in and everything was peachy.

Running windows XP professional 32 bit. I already uninstalled/installed the drivers and it does not work. The devices are enabled. Both of my wireless USBs show up when I plug them in, its just that it can’t connect to the router. If I use direct connect to my PC it will work fine. I have no idea what is wrong with this thing.

Just throwing out a couple of random thoughts here… but have you tried disabling your wireless router’s security altogether and then attempting to see if the devices connect? When security is enabled, are all your devices set to the same security type and encryption?.. e.g… even though you may have WPA2 on all your devices, you will not be able to acheive a connection if one device uses the AES algorithm while another uses TKIP. Encryption aside, you will also need to make certain that everything is on the same channel. If DHCP is set, you will also need to make sure that your wireless devices are set to match. These are just a few of the most common issues/potential causes for grief.