Computer only chains?

as most of you know, some street fighter games are known for computer only moves or links. for example walking flash kick or double fierce with guy.

now im not sure if 3s has it…

but the other day I saw alex do c. mk or lk 2 times and it connected.
Ive seen this 2 times in one day.

so I dont know if this game has it too… but if im able to do this then that makes alex more scarier.

It’s a c.LK-c.MK chain. The timing is strict, similar to multi-c.LK with Yun and Yang, and it doesn’t do much damage. Probably not something to get excited about. Too bad because Alex doesn’t have any good hit-confirmable/safe combos starting low. Would’ve been hot if you could chain this thing into a sweep for a knockdown.


kool thanks alot ^^

Actually, for more fun, Alex can chain c.LK into a sweep. I rarely see this used, and I don’t know why. Up close, short short sweep? That sounds pretty good to me. Alex lacks footsies overall, and this helps.

IIRC, that chain is pointless because the c.LK doesn’t have enough hitstun for the following sweep to combo. And Alex’s c.LKs don’t chain together.

if you were the opponent were to try anything after the lk though they would get hit unless it was a super or a high priority attack like jab uppercut with ken
even then it might trade.

That’s how you play? “I’ll throw shit out and HOPE the other guy does something or I’m fucked”

You are doin’ it wrong…

This nigga ain’t got no legs, talkin’ bout runnin’ thangs.

lol. Top tier shit.

That’s the way anyone plays whether they realize it or not. You hope your opponent does or doesn’t do whatever you think he will or will not do. Nobody is psychic…and in 3S, nothing is really safe…this ain’t ST. Oh, and the “or I’m fucked” is a bit too dramatic.