Computer parts sales thread (TV capture card!)

Last one kinda died. Here’s a new one with new stuff.

Kworld TV capture card. I’m pretty sure it’s this one Comes with remote, composite cable, and svideo to composite adaptors (all the original accesories). Lost the driver CD, but you can get those online. This would work great for recording matches. – SOLD

512 DDR2 SODIMM ram. Not sure what the speed is. 20 shipped

256 SDRAM pc100. 10 shipped.

Geforce FX 5600 128mb AGP (card only) – 15 shipped.

3dfx AGP video card (that’s all I know about this thing) – free, just pay shipping.

blue LED VGA cooler - 5 + shipping

Hmm, kind of interested in the capture card. How well does it work? Any lag?

Also, are you located in the LA area? I wouldn’t mind meeting up or picking up the card to eliminate shipping fees if I do decide to buy it.

I’m interested in the capture card myself. But only if the previous poster doesn’t work out a deal.

Could you post a pic please of that VGA cooler? I’ve been looking for one but need some more information.

I would also be interested in the capture card, I’ll check back to see if the other posters change their minds.

First person to email me or aim me (guwath)

chippermonky at gmail dot com gets it.

I don’t have much info on the capture card. As far as i could tell when i played smash bros on it for like 2 and a half seconds (I installed this on my HTPC so my TV IS my computer’s monitor so it kinda defeats the purpose lol) there was no noticeable lag.


Email sent

sorry ting, dexterweatherly got it before you did :(.

Awww. That’s alright. No worries =P.