Computer problem


I usually take good care of my computer… but recently got a virus so and i had change my windows xp to windows vista 64bit…

It was working fine and recently i had a problem…

When i shut down my computer, or restart and when i try to start the computer the monitor is just blank. At first i though it was just the monitor but i tried on two other monitors and it had the same effect, just pitch black. I can hear my computer fan running and all but its just simply not doing anything, just pitch black…

Usually what i do is turn my computer off and take out the plug for couple of hours and if i get lucky it turns on, and if it turns on i leave it on for as much as i can, so far for 3 days…

My friends say its my hardware or worse case my motherboard…
anyone know the cause?

help would be nice…


can either be 4 things:

  1. video card (if you have one installed 2) on board video 3) your motherboard or lastly 4) your processor. honestly ur going 2 fall in either #1, 2, or 4 most likely 1 or 4. ur going 2 need to troubleshoot w/spare vid cards if u have n e laying around otherwise time to go straight to the bank & buy yourself a new one. good luck :pleased:


Power-saving mode is known to put some PCs into a coma. It could be that. Disable it.


Does the machine POST (that little beep you hear right when it turns on). If not, does it beep more than once? In my experience no video has always been graphics card or motherboard.


okay guys, many are saying that it could be the video card…

but check this out, recently i went to the ati and installed the video card software?
can it be the cause of that?


We need to know this:

  1. When you turn off the PC and leave only the monitor on, do you see the color bars?
  2. When you turn on the PC do you see any text on the screen? Anything at all?
  3. Does the PC beep? How many times?

Try doing this. It’s the troubleshooting steps for a no post/no video :tup:


This could actually be a hard drive problem… In XP, when a hard drive was corrupt, it would give a blue hard drive check screen while it scanned the hard drive on boot. With Vista, it does not, it gives a black screen that may stay blank for up to 15 minutes…

With my PC, I have an external 160gb HD… if I dont have it plugged in, Vista takes 30 seconds to start up. If I do have it plugged in, then Vista takes about 5 minutes to start up and the screen is black the entire time…

How long have you given your PC to run on a black screen? Give it at least 15 minutes. If it still doesnt work, try putting in a different hard drive.


^ wow. taht is interesting.