Computer Programmable PS3 Macro Controller?

The PS3 uses standard compliant configurations for it’s controller ports; whether it be USB or Bluetooth. I wonder if anyone has had any luck using a computer to transmit controller signals to the PS3? Basically I want to program through the computer a long series of macros and send it as controller inputs to my PS3. Has anyone attempted to do anything like this will any success?

I’m seeing a lot of threads online on how to use a PS3 controller on your PC… what I am looking for is basically how to use your PC, as a PS3 controller.

In before people flame you for cheating with macros? Probably not, as my post will take some time to write, and their’s won’t.

I’ve put together something like this, but with a fair few intermediary steps.

You can see it here but it seems TZ forums are down at the moment. I’ve also posted about it on SRK. Link here, there are some a little old pictures there. Just adding some LCDs and a PS3 eye at the moment.

Let me know if this is what you’re interested in.

Interestingly, I asked pretty much this question 3 years ago.

Maybe thats what I am looking for… basically I just want to input a long series of strings of inputs, programmable by the millisecond. I only need 1 player.

That’s what I’ve been able to do with my setup. The timing I have at the moment is to the frame, but that can be changed back. The arduino does have a problem with dropping inputs, which I haven’t been able to quite work out yet, and for games like SC4 it would be more frustrating, given that it doesn’t have a command display option. I’m sure if someone who actually knew how to program had a go at it they’d be able to do a better job.

Alternatively, if it’s just one or two quick tests, I’d be happy enough to run them for you.

it would take some custom software to do something like that. but I have an idea.
The hook up would be something like this
PS3-> PS2 to PS3 controller converter-> hacked PSX controller to a DB25-> DB25 connected to the DB25 Parrellel port on your PC->custom software ->autoit software (writing and executing macros).

Basically the custom software would take the inputs generated by autoit and send the inputted data over the DB25 port which will then be interpeted as action from the PSX pad, which would then carry over normally through the PS2 to PS3 controller converter.

But to my knowledge such a program does not exist. and if the game is out on the PC like SF4 (not SSF4 sadly), BBSC, emu’s etc… then all you would need is the autoit.

I built one that reads a serial port and works for any common ground controller(s). (I’m driving two on my XBOX360.)
Reliable milisecond-timing may require some specialized work because of preemptive multitasking, for current fighting games preicse to the frame is good enough - so I got to that point, and stopped worrying.

This is bashed together, and has some annoying issues because it pulls to much power from the stick, but it’s more convenient for me than burning through batteries.

My driving script is linux only right now. I’m not entirely sure what Hyperterminal supports, but you may well be able to just autoit through hyperterminal on the windows side.

Thats pretty cool but seems to be quite a bit of work. Makes me wonder now if ive fought against people with sticks like this.

Given that only a few people have ever shown any interest in this, I’d say the chances of playing against someone online with one is close to nil

Might want to try out the Dual Strike project. Its a PS3 pcb thats open source. You could add code to the source to either have the string of inputs hardcoded or add a method of saving inputs through the controller.