Computer Random Shuts Off

Sup guys, so my girlfriend’s computer keeps randomly shutting off. It just goes dead randomly. Sometimes it happens right when she first turns it on, sometimes even before windows is finished booting up. Other times it will work for a whole day and then just randomly shut off. I checked out her CPU temp and voltage as well as the power supply but I’m fairly certain those aren’t the problem. It’s likely her mobo or RAM. I’m going to try switching out the RAM if I can find some spare, but I was just wondering if anyone had seen this problem before.

Just to be clear, when it shuts down it doesn’t go through the whole windows shutdown sequence or anything, it’s just off.

Thanks in advance for any help!


check if the fan is working. my computer had this same problem and the fan was broken. I left it broken for way too long and eventually my motherboard blew up.

Pull out the RAM sticks (if she has 2) one at a time, and MemTest them for a few hours each. If she only has one, grab a stock from another computer to see if that’s the mobo on it’s way out the door. How did you test the PSU?

Could be a lot of things. Check:

  • (as mentioned) fans - new systems will auto-power-off if they get past a certain temperature

  • on the same topic - check what the auto-shutdown temp is set to in BIOS. If it’s too low, up it.

  • Install realtime CPU temperature monitoring software. Some motherboards come provided with these tools, others you can download for free (“Motherboard Monitor” was an old one that still works on many chipsets today). It will give you temperatures in realtime displayed to your system tray. Keep an eye on it and see if it spikes as you work/play.

  • Power supply - cheap and underrated power supplies will kill systems quick. If yours is crap, get a good quality unit. Antec and Enermax are two good quality brands. Get a nice, high-wattage unit that can supply the juice your system needs.

  • (as mentioned) - test your system under load. Grab the Ultimate Boot CD:

It has plenty of great tools like MEMTEST, Lucifer, Prime, CPU-Burn-In, etc. Hammer the system with specific tests, and see when and where it fails.

“Random power offs” are caused by lots of different things. You’re going to have to do a lot of detective work and find out what’s causing it.

Pretty much the above, the ram shouldn’t be a problem, check with memtest,
however if it is, for the love … Don’t pull out or insert ram while the computer is on, unless you want to fry it for fun.

I am pretty sure its a fan problem, and the cpu goes past 70, and shuts off.

I checked the fan already, it’s working fine. And don’t worry, I do know what I’m doing with computers, so I wont do some stupid shit. Anyway, thanks for the ideas guys, I’m gonna test the RAM first, and if that doesn’t go anywhere, I suppose I can try putting in one of my spare power supplies, but I’ve got a feeling that’s not the source of the problem. Thanks again for the help, hopefully I’ll have this resolved soon. Stay tuned for updates.