Comrade Tao's Inventory Cleaning: USB SATURN PAD! LAST ITEM!

USB Saturn Pad: Sold
JLF w/ Both Gates: Sold
MvC3 Guide: Sold
Madcatz Fightpad PCB Pre-Wired: Sold to "Pope Temmy"
MvC2 TE for XBOX360: Sold
QCF Hitbox: Sold to Havitz
20GB XBOX360 Pro Model: Sold
Madcatz SE case in new condition + carbon fiber vinyl modded top panel + Turbo Panel: Sold to Havitz
6 Sanwa OSBF 30 buttons in like-new condition (4xRed, 2xBlack): Sold

All items will ship USPS with tracking. Combined shipping rates are available if you purchase more than one item. I accept PayPal only unless the deal is made in person. Payment must be sent from your verified PayPal account and I will only ship to the verified address. Shipping is usually SAME DAY and almost always within 24 hours unless there’s some unfortunate disruption to that schedule.

Thank you and have a nice day.

EDIT 02/22/2011: More items sold, hitbox price reduced (final price reduction).

Pm sent for fightpad.


ComradeTao your PM box is full so I’ll just answer your PM here:

For $50 I could almost buy a whole SE so I’ll probably pass and past experience with UPS usually adds another brokerage fee on top when item gets to my door. Not your fault, stupid Canadian/USA cross border shipping charges.

Thanks anyways.

Yeah, that’s why I don’t usually bother with shipping to Canada. Sorry about the inbox being full. I cleaned it out.

Fightpad Sold.

The price of the SE case has been lowered. Pictures coming soon.

PM Sent for the 6 Sanwa Buttons

got any pics of the SE case?

Pictures Added

Price added for hitbox.

pic for the hitbox seems broken. kinda want to see it, so could you fix that up? :slight_smile:

I fixed the image. You can see it before it was finished in satek’s QCFgaming thread.

Prices lowered. You know these are sick prices guys. Buy this stuff.

Added MvC2 TE

Items sold and priced updated.

I’ll snag the Hitbox and the SE box. Toss me a paypal addy.

The hitbox is still available but someone has claimed the SE. I’ll send them a message and if I don’t receive payment this afternoon, both are yours.

Sound ok?

Also, your inbox is full.

Sweet, Fixed. Also include the price for overnight shipping I am very excited about the hitbox! lol

Please read the conditions at the end of my post if you’re interested in my items. I will not accept unverified paypal account payments.