Con pics!

(Note: I didn’t take these. A nice fellow named djdeth74 from the Danzig message boards posted these.)

Huge Sagat statue!

Action figures, whoo!

More figures, whoo!

Random hot girl, WHOO!

I’ve seen Hotter Girls then that at Cons but thanks all the same! Them figures look sweet! Sagat Statue owns!

Here is a mini Con report by Jim Zubkavich - project manager of UDON:

i wish i was there.Too bad i live too far.Do they have a street fighter figure of all the characters and where can i purchase them?

SOTA was selling a 2 pack Evil Ryu & Clear Blue Psycho Energy Bison at the con. They also showed packaged series one figure as well as prototypes of series 1 & 2.

Nuby was there showing their controller prototypes and letting people play SF with it.

well the company making the figures (SOTAToys) will be making as many characters as possible starting with ryu, chun li, sagat, m bison (vega) and sodom for series I and ken, cammy, blanka, t hawk and vega (balrog) for series II.

they’ll b on sale from august/september at comic shops, possibly walmart, possibly Gamestop, possibly EB. it depends on who wants to sell them.

if you can’t find them by end september, eBay’s the best bet

Punch him in the knees!

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my roommate and I low fierceing Sagat in the knees.

My special issue:

By the way, I was wondering how much was the SDCC exclusive comic selling for and also how much was the two pack evil ryu / Psycho Bison going for.
Also any chance of any leftover SDCC exlusive comics left =P, a lot of us couldn’t go (regards to money or time =P) heh

:eek: at the huge Sagat

btw, is udon gonna make any appearances at like T5 or like that CNanime con in august

thanks for the details yikyai.How much do they cost though?

i think they said no more then $12.99. although i don’t live in the US, i would expect u guys to pay about $9.99 - $10.99 for these. so you may hav to watch out for comic shopsdeliberately tryin to cash in on the game’s “15th” Anniversary and comic success

i have read in another forum that the first wave has definately been delayed again by 2 weeks to mid sep

one year i will deliberately fly to SDCC and get as much as possible, main exclusives, gd comics, everything. and i wanted to see that full size Sagat :frowning:

:lol: at C.Fiercing the big Sagat. In fact, I think that the Sagat figure should come with C.Fiercing action.

Punch him in the knees!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Punch him in the knees!

Lol!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: !

Some friends of mine and fellow College Graduates, mainly Raina and Kim went to the San Diego Con, took pictures and wrote a report. Nothing SF related here but since this forum has been quite as a mouse lately, here goes -