Conan the Cimmerian is awesome

Conan the Cimmerian from Dark Horse is an awesome comic. You get to see Conan at his purest. Chopping heads off, bedding comely maidens, all that good stuff.

The Conan comics from Dark Horse as a whole are pretty good (though there might be too many limited series). The first Conan series was good but Conan the Cimmerian is much better.


Reading Robert E. Howard’s original Conan stories right now. They hold up pretty well for stories written in the 30s and are hella violent. One time when Conan was captured by a king and while he was held captive in his courtroom he said something like “I will liter this room with everyone’s brains!” :rofl:

He eventually escaped imprisonment, joined an army and killed the king and all his people. Great stuff! :tup:

RIP Robert E. Howard.