Conan vs. Stewart vs. Colbert


I hope the link is working for you guys…

:lol::rofl::lol::rofl::lol::rofl::lol::rofl: That was amazing. :lol::rofl::lol::rofl::lol::rofl::lol::rofl:

lol Conan is a genius

That was the greatest thing EVER

Ha this is so under-heard-of. Love how Jon Stewart always seems to come out 2nd behind Coblert. You can see it when they come through the door.

Ahaha the under the leg shot.

Really this was a smart idea

i love how this fued has been building on all 3 shows.

very nice


That guy is huge!

and :rofl:

That was awesome, too bad videos can’t be posted in GD.

that shit was mad funny…gotta love conan