Concave Buttons w/ Vertical Microswitches?

Do such a thing exist? I’d like to put some concave buttons in an area that is in love with the Vertical switches…am I SOL?

You are in luck. They are called ultimate pushbuttons and they are made by happs. They are the older typer push buttons. The only thing is the plunger is taller than that of a regular concave button.

-Tha Hindu

Also they have a harder spring and instead of pushing the microswitch directly they slide against it using friction to press it instead. This makes the buttons MUCH stiffer than Happ Competitions, so you will have to press harder which makes it harder to press multiple buttons at the same time and mash.

Yeah, I had those on my first MAS stick like 5 years ago. I got blisters when I mashed. I then sold it here on SRK a while later.

Thanks for the info. I don’t do a lot of mashing and the buttons just feel…weird to me. I like that good ol’ 80’s American arcade feel. Yeah.