Concentrate Daniel-san - Regaining focus after interruptions?


Ok, here’s what (I hope) is a familiar situation for some here who play SFIV vs. others, either on or offline: You’re playing some matches (let’s say Ranked Match mode) online. Everything’s going fairly alright. Winning some, losing some, but nothing dramatic or exciting. Then, something happens and your concentration is broken.

Either the stupid phone rings, or the baby starts crying (those of us with kids…) or your wife/girlfriend starts talking your ear off. Now everything goes to sh*ts! You’re losing to flowcharts and one-trick spammers. All your moves on wakeup are poorly timed. Your gameplan goes out the window as your previous offensive assaults now turn into runaway turtle tactics because of some serious second guessing on your part. Basically, you’ve contracted a bad case of the stupid hands.

I’m curious mostly because yesterday, it happened to me where NOTHING I did was working. Nothing!! I lost maybe 10 matches in a row (during 2 seperate play throughs at different times of the day) against players I could’ve (should’ve) been able to beat easily or at least compete with.

So my question is; what do some of you do in that situation to put things back to the original flow? Do you stop playing (as I did)? Do you have a ritual that puts you back into your “zen” flow? I’d like to know…


Go into training mode till your timing is good again. Then you’ll feel confident. Self confidence and mental rigidity is key.

Take breaks to remove bad habits.


I have a itunes playlist of Hellyeah, nonpoint, and mudvayne/rev theory for playing. Keeps me focused pretty well.


I usually just stop playing. I don’t know about other people but my concentration is limited. I think I can probably play 1-2 hours or so at my best. Afterwards, I tend to react more slowly and generally stop thinking about what I’m doing.

Sometimes, I switch between Bison and Ryu which can throw me off for a while, because I instinctively try to srk a jumpin or something else. Either way, concentration is so important in playing this game. I think you should just stop for a while and think about your tactics. Were there specific things you kept losing to? Was it a specific character? How did you beat them before? Then, try again when you have the time to set aside. Losing when you’re tired just sucks, and you don’t really learn much.


It’s weird, but it’s true: this game has a heck of a lot of things to keep track of when you think about it. You have to monitor your health while keeping an eye on your opponent’s health. You also have to keep an eye on both your and your opponent’s Ultra/super meters. And on top of that you have to watch the timer…

Not to mention that you have to keep an eye on WHAT your opponent’s doing, and how you can counter it or take advantage of it. Man… This game’s a CHORE!! :razz:


i get really, really mad and continue playing.
it gets worse and i get even madder.
i eventually get so mad that i do pushups until my arms dont work anymore.
i just hang in there though, and after several hours of back to back losses and arm deadening pushup salvos, i win one against a player that is making ridiculously poor decisions.
wow does that piss me off!
i cant beat any of the strong opponents and then i take one off this dude that jumped in on my crouching fierce 5x in a row.


I think this topic is talking about people’s flow being broken or something. That actually never happens to me.

What does happen (and i hate this) is when my parents are yelling at me when I’m trying to play. Like, my mom will yell at me to get the fuck off the xbox while I’m playing a match that I really want to win, and while she’s yelling at me, I TRY to play well, but I just can’t. I’m distracted. Part of me is listening what she’s saying. I basically have to try to just turtle while she talks. It really sucks.


Just yell at her to give you your goddamn chocolate milk.


i have yelled at everyone in my house for breaking my concentration and having no respect for the things i am passionate about.
now whenever they want to talk to me while i am playing, they stand just outside the room and wait quietly.
them standing there waiting to talk to me is just as distracting.
i will just have to yell at everyone and tell them not to ever talk to me unless i talk to them first and not to wait to talk to me and to stay far away and be quiet and not let me know they are there.


This happens to me ALL THE TIME.

Mum: Hurry up and come here NOW

Me: I can’t, I’ve told you before, I CAN’T PAUSE THE GAME ONLINE


Messes me up completely.

To TC: Whenever my flow’s broken, I either hit training mode or play with friends. For me, playing with friends helps me loosen up.


Sometimes, my stomach gets angry, and I cant decide whether or not to lose on purpose so I dont crap my pants or continue the match and ruin my pants…


just keep playing through the shit until you start losing so bad that you start winning, if you ignore all the bullshit and like “take breaks” or whatever you guys call it, you wont know how to deal with it next time. You’ll start learning how to deal with bad habits you do while under the concentration breaker (given you know about this bad habit).


You’re pretty intense, huh? :slight_smile:


sf 4 > mood stabilizers.


i am a 16 year veteran of the hospitality industry.
i hate people and what they want.


I can really lose my concentration sometimes…

Yesterday, I perfected a Ryu online as Rufus in championship mode in the first round. Then during the second round my friend accidentally disconnected my stick so then I lost that. Then I was so annoyed that I lost the third round really badly :sad:

Wellllllllllll I’m glad ive told that to someone! You guys are the best! :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:


You guys should watch that Kevin Costner movie, “For Love of the Game.” He’s a baseball pitcher and there’s a few scenes where he zones out the hecklers in the stands by saying “Clear the Mechanism.” It was corny but cool lol.


I just don’t take online super seriously becuase you never know what the other person is or isn’t doing or how seriously they are taking the match. Last night my wife called from work to blab and blab about something while she was on break while I was trying to play and I’m pretty sure I lost a bit of GP while talking with her but I don’t really mind.

Only thing that I do mind is when people send you msgs after THEY beat you being assholes like they are the best in the world and you can’t even remember who they used against you becuase you were not even paying attention.


I usually just stop, tell the other guy I was playing with good game or something, and then switch to TF2 or something. If Team Fortress 2 doesn’t work, then I guess it’s some higher being’s way of saying you shouldn’t be playing video games for the day, take a break.


Daniel stumbles during kata

Miyagi: Where focus, Daniel-san?

Daniel: I got plenty of focus. I concentrate every night!

Miyagi: You no focus. You say you concentrate. You show Miyagi concentrate.

Daniel: But-

Miyagi: You SHOW!

Daniel looking embarrased, unzips fly

Miyagi: IE! Bah!! You no show “wash window”, you show “polish carrot”! Karate EMPTY hand, Daniel-san! Quick hand, hai, but EMPTY.